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Smelleze® Natural Odor Remover Granules


Your home might be the ultimate refuge and place to relax but odors can wreak havoc. When you start accidently mixing in your favorite food, drinks, pet accidents, spills, dirty shoes, and other debris with your carpets, rugs, and floors, the resulting smell can be dreadful!

If you have pets that use your yard to do their business, it can also become smelly and infested with flies especially during the hot summer months and you might start getting complaints from your neighbors. Crawl spaces are also notorious for getting a musty odor especially if it's rainy and it remains damp.

Fortunately, getting rid of various house and yard odors is a simple and nearly effortless task with the Smelleze® Natural Odor Remover Granules. They are easy to use but very effective deodorizers that will remove odor from both your home and yard. And they won't harm adults, children, or pets should they come into contact with the granules which are totally non-toxic and safe.

For indoor odor problems, simply find the deodorizer to match your problem, sprinkle on floors and carpeting. Vacuum or sweep up after a few hours or overnight. For outdoor odor problems, simply sprinkle the right granules outside on your lawn, shrubs, flower beds, concrete, and crawl space areas. There is no need to clean-up the granules after sprinkling because they are designed to be left on the ground.

These eco-smart odor remover granules will actually remove smell without masking with harsh fragrances or using harmful chemicals. It works by attracting the odor like a super magnet, absorbing it like a thirsty sponge, and destroying it like a ninja!

What makes Smelleze® Odor Remover Granules especially effective is that each deodorizer is designed to remove a targeted odor. This unique advanced state of the art technology makes these odor specific products much more effective than generic deodorizers which try to remove all odors and end doing a mediocre job at most.