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Odoreze® Natural Odor Control Sprays

Our homes can be incubators for terrible odors resulting from clogged drains, sweaty clothing, dirty floors, and various other sources. One of the first things visitors notice when entering your home is its smell. So if you have a problem and want to make a good impression, you'll want to do take immediate action to rid your home of the offensive odors.

Bad home smells may also indicate problems that could be causing allergies or other respiratory issues. Trying to eliminate the odor by using fragrances or chemical-based deodorizers can actually make things worse. Identifying the source and remedying the problem with natural chemical-free odor control products is the best way to prevent making a bad situation worse.

We recommend using Odoreze® Natural Odor Control Sprays to eliminate your problem. They are made from a unique blend of 100% natural biodegradable ingredients which are FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved and on the GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) list. They don't contain any chemicals that are harmful to people, pets or the planet.

Odoreze® Odor Control Sprays are engineered to attack and eliminate many terrible smells found both inside and out without masking them with fragrances or using toxic chemicals. It immediately binds to the odor causing molecules and eliminates them. Thereafter, it promotes the growth of friendly odor fighting bacteria that continues the battle long after using the deodorizing spray. This helps prevent odors from coming back.

Since Odoreze® is sold as a super concentrate, it is extremely cost effective because you save both on the product cost and shipping. A small 16 oz. container can be mixed with water to make a whopping 64 gallons of working solution that will deodorize and clean! This is also good for the environment because it reduces unnecessary packaging and energy required to ship water.

To unleash the deodorizing and cleaning power of nature®, simply pick the Odoreze® product to match your problem, spray on the source, and smell the difference!