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Systematically Attacking and Eliminating Odor Problems


There are many sources of unpleasant odors and they can vary widely in intensity and duration. One of our most powerful senses is odor and scientists have suggested that over 10,000 odors can be detected by humans. Unfortunately, offensive odors are part of our environment and impact our health, productivity, and emotions.

One of the best ways to treat odors is to eliminate them with a safe, non-toxic, non-polluting product instead of masking them with fragrances. Using masking agents merely overpower the malodor with another odor that is perceived to be more pleasant and actually contribute to indoor air pollution. Sometimes, the resulting fragrance can be even more offensive than the original odor. The use of fragrances is not recommended since it may cause allergic and irritant reactions in some people.

IMTEK's line of environmentally friendly AmmoSorb™, MoistureSorb™, Smelleze™, Vaporeze™, and WaterKlean™ products are excellent at truly eliminating odors. They work by drawing in odors like a strong magnet. Thereafter, the odors are adsorbed, neutralized, and encapsulated without smelly cover-ups. These products have a surface area greater than several football fields that enables them to adsorb phenomenal amounts of odor.

We have developed the following eight Laws Of Odor Control (LOOC)SM to aid you to systematically attack and eliminate odor problems using AmmoSorb™, MoistureSorb™, Smelleze™, Vaporeze™, and WaterKlean™. Following LOOCSM will enable you to resolve odor problems quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively.

Laws Of Odor Control (LOOC)SM

(1) Identify the Odor Source
Odor abatement should begin with identifying the source of the odor problem. This can be pretty straight forward in some cases e.g. pet odors. In other instances, this could be complex and require a detailed investigation.

(2) Remove the Odor Source
In the next step, remove as much of the material causing the odor as possible. Be sure to wear the proper safety gear and take the proper precautions when working with hazardous or unknown materials.

(3) Clean the Affected Area
A detailed cleaning of the affected area should be performed. Depending on what caused the odor, this could range from spot cleaning all the way to cleaning an entire building. Be cautious to avoid cleaning agents that might react with the odor culprit or other materials and further contribute to the odor problem.

(4) Choose the Correct Product
Choose the correct IMTEK products for the job. You have a choice of over 100 AmmoSorb™, MoistureSorb™, Smelleze™, Vaporeze™, and WaterKlean™ products. These products are available in pouch, powder, and granular form. In some instances, a combination of products are more effective for really stubborn odors. Please refer to the Consumer Product Application Guide , Commercial Product Application Guide, Consumer Product Use Guide, and Commercial Product Use Guide for assistance in choosing the correct products.

(5) Use Correct Amount Of Product
It is important to use the proper amount of product to treat the affected area. Using a smaller size or quantity of product than recommended may prove to be ineffective. Please refer to the Consumer Product Use Guide and the Commercial Product Use Guide for the recommended product quantities for your application. As a rule of thumb, you could use too little product, never too much.

(6) Maximize Product Efficiency
When using AmmoSorb™, MoistureSorb™, Smelleze™, and Vaporeze™ pouches, be sure to place them close to the odor and in an area where they will be exposed to the maximum amount of air flow. This will ensure that the odors frequently come into contact with the odor adsorbent media and be effectively deodorized. In general, the greater the rate of air circulation and contact of odors with the odor removal media, the greater the rate of odor elimination.

When using AmmoSorb™, MoistureSorb™, Smelleze™, and Vaporeze™ granules or powder, spread the latter out as evenly as possible and allow the maximum amount of time for the odor removal media to be exposed to the odors before cleaning up. In general, the longer the contact of the odor removal media with the odor, the greater the amount of odor removal. It is advisable to repeat this treatment for really tough odors.

(7) Eliminate the Odor
The odor will be automatically adsorbed, neutralized, and encapsulated when it comes into contact with the AmmoSorb™, MoistureSorb™, Smelleze™, Vaporeze™, and WaterKlean™ odor removal media. The latter will keep on working unattended for months until all the odors are eliminated. No maintenance or electricity is required.

(8) Replace Or Recycle Product Regularly
The actual life span of the pouch products will depend on the odor concentrations, temperature, humidity, and rate of air flow they are exposed to. For best results, it is important to replace or recycle AmmoSorb™, MoistureSorb™, Smelleze™, and Vaporeze™ pouches every 3-4 months or when an increase in odors are detected. If this is not done, the active odor removal sites on the odor removal media will become saturated and fail to function. As a rule of thumb, it is better to recycle more frequently (even when odors are not detected) than not to.

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