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Unleash the Deodorizing Power of Nature™

Odoreze® Laundry Deodorizer Additive is formulated from a unique blend of natural and environmentally friendly ingredients to provide a powerful deodorizing action. It was specially developed to attack and destroy many unpleasant clothing and fabric odors from smoke, perspiration, cooking, pets, urine, gasoline, mildew, ect without masking it with fragrances. To Unleash the Deodorizing Power of Nature™, simply add Odoreze® to your washing and smell the difference!

Safe Environmentally Friendly Ingredients

The Odoreze® Laundry Deodorizer Additive is a biodegradable, non-toxic and non- flammable deodorizer. It is made entirely from safe naturally derived ingredients. Odoreze® does NOT contain hazardous air pollutants, ozone depleting substances, phosphates, nitrates, nonyl phenols, carcinogens, fragrances, dyes, alcohols, caustic, ammonia, chlorine bleach, quats, silicates, chlorinated solvents or petroleum distillates. It is a high performance odor control product without the environmental, health and safety issues associated with conventional deodorizers containing harmful synthetic chemicals. Furthermore, all ingredients are approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) under 21 CFR-172.510 and FEMA 3121 and on the GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) list. Odoreze® meets or exceeds the toughest regulations in existence today making it safer for all and provides an ideal green solution for eliminating laundry odors without adding pollutants to the environment.

Sustainable Laundry Odor Solution

Odoreze is made from all natural renewable resources and reduces the carbon footprint. By focusing on supplying a super concentrated product, packaging waste is significantly reduced which makes a positive impact on landfills. This also reduces the energy expanded to transport ready to use liquid deodorizers which can consist of as much as 95% water! And what is good for the planet is also good for you because a super concentrated product ends up saving you money without compromising quality!

How Odoreze® Controls Odors

The Odoreze® Laundry Deodorizer Additive utilizes state of the art biotechnology and works in a uniquely effective manner to eliminate unpleasant laundry odors. It immediately binds to smoke, perspiration, cooking, pets, urine, gasoline, mildew and other odor causing substances to destroy them. Thereafter, it destroys odor producing anaerobic bacteria. Odoreze® does not merely mask odors, it truly eliminates them and prevents their formation using the Deodorizing Power of Nature.


Odoreze® Laundry Deodorizer Additive can be effectively used to eliminate tough odors on clothing and fabrics from smoke, perspiration, cooking, pets, urine, gasoline, mildew, ect during washing.


Odoreze® is designed to be used as a supplement to your regular detergent. Add 0.2 oz. Odoreze® to your washer AFTER it has filled up with water. Avoid adding concentrated Odoreze® directly to clothing or more then the recommended amount as it could cause staining. Alternatively, first dilute 0.1 oz. OdorezeTMsuper concentrate/gallon water to make the working solution and then add this to your wash. The diluted solution should be used within 2-3 days. Repeat as necessary until the odors are eliminated. As a precaution, test for colorfastness in inconspicuous area before use.


Odoreze® is conveniently available as a super concentrated 16 oz. deodorizer at a competitive price. The Odoreze® Laundry Deodorizer Additive is easily diluted to treat over 128 gallons wash water saving you money and the environment from packaging waste and shipping energy.