Amazon & Google Ratings of 4.7/5

Media Coverage

Medical Electronics
'The April issue of Medical Electronics will feature your products in the following buyers guide survey:
Film, Film Processors, Film Changers'
H. Saluja

Industrial Heating Journal
'The upcoming issue of INDUSTRIAL HEATING will feature your Company's products in the Literature Showcase pages of the magazine....
Kathy Pisano

Feed Management
'FEED MANAGEMENT appreciates the opportunity to publish this (IMTEK PRODUCT) information so our readers can keep abreast of the latest developments in products and information......'
Clay Schreiber

Medical Electronics
'The September issue of MEDICAL ELECTRONICS will feature your (IMTEK) products.........'
Harish Saluja

HorsePlay Magazine
Fleet Street Publishing Corporation

'...your SMELLEZE product will be featured in the "What's New" section of the August issue of HorsePlay."
Michelle Boyle

Feed & Grain Magazine
'This letter is to inform you that the Imtek Feedhelper Feed Additive Powder press release submitted by your company has been published in the New Products section of the August/September issue of FEED AND GRAIN magazine....'
Toby Linzmeier
Assistant Editor