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Common Chemical Indoor Pollutants By Products

The State of Washington program was the first major initiative in the United States to establish indoor air quality (IAQ) specifications. As part of the design and construction specifications, low-emitting materials were required, and manufacturers were required to show test data and compliance with the pollutant emission specifications.

More than 100 different products were supplied with emissions data including insulations, paints, wallcoverings, carpets, adhesives, sealants, office workstations, chairs, cabinetry, vinyl composition tile, rubber flooring, ceiling tile, wall panels and fireproofing. Emissions data provided included levels of formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), and individual volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Studies in the completed buildings, before occupancy, showed that more than 65 pecent of the VOCs in the building air were found to be associated with products installed and used in the building. Products were also found to contribute 50 percent of the highest concentration (top 50) VOCs in the building. Primary emissions were found to be from the office furniture, adhesives, carpet tile, cabinetry, vinyl composition tile, and vinyl wallcovering.

Primary chemicals, found to emit from major product categories listed below, may be viewed by clicking on the product categories in the navigtation menu to the right of this page.

Product Categories

Adhesives/Sealants Doors Vinyl Wallcovering
Broadloom Carpet Fireproofing Vinyl/Rubber Flooring
Broadloom Carpet/Adhesive HVAC Insulation Wall Panels
Cabinetry Office Machines Wallboard
Carpet Tile Paints/Coatings Window Shade
Carpet Tile/Adhesive Seating Workstations
Ceiling Tile