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AmmoSorb™ Ammonia Removal Products
This is in reference to your request concerning the above filter medium for use at UNI-Food food plant. Based on the present available information, no objection will be taken to the use of the above product... Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Government of Canada

All Products
Rome was not built in a day. Faith in a product one sells grows by experiencing the results it will accomplish over a period of time without any detrimental effects. Being a distributor of IMTEK's environmentally friendly Smelleze® deodorizers has enlightened my scope and awareness of the environment in which we live and work. I am proud to sell a product that is natural and does not pollute our precious environment.
A.D. Kelley
Essex. MO

Animal Waste Odors
Last year we imported a few sacks of Animal Waste Deodorizer and Smelleze® Stall Deodorizer. We have now given this a try out in different animal farms in Norway. The response and comments from the customers are good.
Andreassen Import and Marketing AS

Aquarium Odors
My kids were very enthusiastic about owning a pet water lizard so we broke down and bought them a newt. He was really cute and we had tons of fun with him. However, cleaning his tank and keeping it from stinking was very hard work until we started using AmmoSorb™ Ammonia Removal Pouches. This extraordinary non-toxic product quickly eliminated the stench from the ammonia and reduced the number of times we had to clean the tank by over 50%. Using AmmoSorb™ gave me more free time which I could spend with my family. This is a great product for all aquarium owners.
K. Groenberger

Basement Odors
The winters here in Wisconsin are very long, damp, and cold. This generally caused our basement to be engulfed with unpleasant musty and mildewy odors. This resulted in many of our belongings stored in the basement becoming covered with mold and saturated with nasty odors that could not be removed. Eventually some of these items had to be thrown away. Fortunately, I recently discovered Smelleze® Basement Deodorizer Pouch and installed it in my basement. It worked like a miracle! No more musty and mildewy odors in my basement.No more mold. No more damaged belongings. Thanks Imtek.

Basement Deodorizer
'Stuff (Smelleze® Basement Deodorizer Pouch) works great. A small bag I put in my basement last week removed that odor completely'
John York, NC

Basement Deodorizer
Thanks for your prompt service and fo rtrusting me to send th eshipping cost'
Karen Avret, MO

Bathroom Odors
We were always battling nasty bathroom odors in the many restaurants we owned over the years and at home. We didn't like using deodorizers that merely cover-up odors with perfumes because they often result in offensive bathroom odors becoming even more repulsive. Furthermore, they are not environmentally friendly and pollute the air. One day our son-in-law, who is one of the most brilliant scientists in the world, introduced us to Smelleze® Bathroom Deodorizer Pouch. He informed us that this natural product actually eliminates odors without masking them with perfumes and is totally safe and non-toxic. We immediately put Smelleze® to work and found out our genius son-in law was right again. We have never had a bathroom odor problem again. Best of all, whenever Smelleze® is depleted, we simply place it in the sun to regenerate it and reuse it. It lasts forever. We highly recommend Smelleze® to all restaurants and homeowners alike.
Bernie and Elaine Keller
Retired Restaurant Owners

Book odors
I placed Smelleze® in the bottom of a plastic bin and placed books with odor on a rack directly above it. I closed the lid and checked the next day. It worked!'
Edith Reynolds
The Bookoligist

Car Odors
'Hi! Here's a letter from one more satisfied customer. I bought 1 bottle of (Smelleze®) powder and 2 (Smelleze®) pouches to eliminate a nasty smell in my car. I wasn't using it for several months and a mouse family settled down somewhere in the duct work. So I made them move out and then have blown some powder in through the air vents. After I repeated this operation several times, I placed 2 pouches under the front seats. It's just fine now.'
Sasha Berkovich

Cat Litter Odors
It seemed like no matter what brand cat litter I bought, it didn't eliminate the odor and we would always end up with a nasty smell. To add to my woes, my dear cat was old and would often have accidents. My family complained that our home always smelled of pet odors and it drove me nuts. I tried many products in vain and didn't know what to do. Finally, I decided to try Smelleze® Cat Litter Deodorizer Additive in the litter box and Smelleze® Carpet Deodorizer Powder for cleaning the carpet. I couldn't believe the results. Smelleze® totally eliminated the pet odors from the litter box and carpet. This is the first product that worked for me. Now my family says how fresh and clean our whole house smells. Smelleze® is a 'must have product for all cat owners and lovers.
A. Johnson
Graphic Designer

Cat Urine Odor
'I got the stuff (Smelleze Urine Deodorizer Granules) on Monday and used it immediately. Noticed a marked reduction in odor after vacuuming...'
Randy Otto

Carpet Odors
I used Smelleze® Deodorizer Powder on my carpet which had a musty, mildewy odor. I no longer have the odor after using Smelleze™ and feel confident about using it as I have two small children and the product is safe and non-toxic.
Bloomfield, MO

Closet Odors
I am HAPPY with your product. I wish to order more Smelleze closet pouches...
Julie Hymer
Bradenton, FL

Closet Deodorizers
Thank you so much. I enjoy your products and now have more reason to continue as a loyal customer
Lisa Eunson
Berkeley, CA

Closet Odors
'I have received my order from you and have been hanging it in my daughter's closet. It really works and I will be purchasing again from yoru company. Thank you so much'
Debbie Eniis, AR

Compost Odor
I just want to tell you how happy I am to have found Odoreze! As a new gardener and composter it was wonderful to find a product that lets me collect kitchen waste without "stinking up" the whole house. When the pail in which I was collecting fruit and vegetable scraps began to develop the kind of odor only rotting food can have, I sprayed the diluted Odoreze into it. Amazingly, the odor was gone within a few minutes! It was at least a week, or so before I had to spray a little more into the pail.

Even more amazing was when I used the Odoreze in a pail of food scraps that had sat outdoors from the end of last summer until a couple of weeks into Spring. Talk about a smell! I was afraid the neighbors were going to call the EPA because of the stench. Well - I ran into the house and grabbed the diluted Odoreze - dumping it into the rotted food scrap container and quickly burying the "stinky" waste into a container of dried leaves collected the Fall before. Once again the odor was relatively quickly dissipated and has not been a problem since!

What's more, . . . today, when I went to stir the composting materials, the waste that had been mostly wet leaves and rotted food a few weeks ago was almost completely converted to compost! Could it have been the beneficial bacterial action of Odoreze, like your promotional materials say? Whatever it is - I'm impressed!

I had to tell you how happy and excited I am to have found Odoreze. It has proved itself extremely effective for both small and large composting needs. Also - please feel free to use any portion of my comments to let people know how wonderful Odoreze is and that I highly recommend it to both experienced and new composters. It has truly transformed what's possible in composting!
V. Gold
Long Island, New York

Diaper Odors
Its amazing how many diapers a baby can go through and how quickly they accumulate. Anyone who has had a baby will know how overwhelming the smell could be every time you open the diaper pail or garbage can. It could knock you of your feet. Diaper odors could also linger around in your babies room. A fellow nurse told me about Smelleze® Diaper Pail Deodorizer Granules and Smelleze® Nursery Deodorizer Pouch and how it could eliminate my odor problem. I decided to try them ASAP and was totally satisfied with the results. My diaper pail practically smells odorless and my babies nursery smells clean and fresh after using Smelleze®. I also feel good about using Smelleze® because it is safe, non-toxic, natural, and environmentally friendly.
Joy Arrington
NICU Registered Nurse

Diaper Pail Odors
'..I have already received your (Smelleze®) product and have been very pleased with the results….Thank you for the product. I have referred to many of my friends.'
Frances Fowlkes, TX

Fast Delivery
I got my order this morning, only 24 hours after placing it by phone. Thanks for the fast turnaround.
John Oglethrope, FL

Formaldehyde Odors From New Carpets
When my husband and I installed new carpets in our home, we were overwhelmed by the formaldehyde odors it emitted. The fumes that were emitted from the new carpets caused allergic reactions to our families dismay. As it was winter, we couldn't open the windows and was at a loss of how to eliminate this problem. As soon as a neighbor mentioned Smelleze® Formaldehyde Absorbent Pouch, we knew we had to try this product. It worked remarkably well and solved our dilemma. I recommend this product to all home owners who purchase new carpets or new homes.
J. Haines

Funeral Home/ Autopsy Room Odors
I was recently told about the merits of Smelleze® by a coworker. I was excited about this product because there is a real need to eliminate offensive embalming fluid and formaldehyde odors on bodies and in funeral homes and autopsy rooms across the country. I used Smelleze® Embalming Fluid Deodorizer Powder and Smelleze® Funeral Home/Autopsy Room Deodorizer Pouch and was very impressed by the results. These environmentally friendly products were easy to use and very effective. I see a big potential for Smelleze® in our industry and am sure it will make a positive impact. I am not aware of a competitive product that works as good as Smelleze® and will be using it on a regular basis.

Furniture Odors
.....I didn't know there was a product on the market that could combat chemicals in new furniture and carpets......I have enclosed the information on FURNITURE WORLD Magazine and our website you requested.....

Garbage Odors/Diaper Odors/Urine Odors/Ostomy Odors
Great products and outstanding customer service. I tried the Smelleze® Garbage Deodorizer Granules in my home and was so impressed with the results that I bought the Smelleze® Ostomy Bag Deodorizer Granules for my uncle who called me a genius! I also bought Smelleze® Urine Deodorizer Granules and Smelleze® Diaper Pail Deodorizer Granules for my sister who babysits and frequently encounters odor problems. She was so happy with the results that she had pizza delivered to my house! Smelleze® cleaned the air and made our world better. I am very impressed with IMTEK's professionalism, service and eco-friendly odor control products that are safe and non-toxic. I will be a loyal IMTEK customer for life.
Dan Rosenthal
Columbus, NE

General Odors
I rec'd the final shipment (Smelleze®); thank you for the free pouch... After hanging the pouches for just a few days our house is odor free.... I was a bit dubious at the time of the original order but figured it was worth a try.... I'm glad I tried.... Thanks again.
Dean Warren
Lynn, IN

Miscellaneous Products
Thanks for all your help. I wanted you to know that you're the only company that took time to respond. Thanks again
Paul Reynosa, CA

"....Thanks for processing my order so quickly'
F. King, CA

Smelleze® Eliminated Mothball Odors when Nothing Else Worked!
My name is Edna Power and I am writing to thank you for your prompt answer to our problem. My husband put mothballs into the attic because we heard animals up there. Unfortunately the odors permeated our whole house. It seems the insulation was outdated, the ducts were open in places and the odors came right through all the air ducts.
PG called me immediately and I gotta tell you, your Smelleze® for moth balls worked when nothing else would. He told me where to put it and how to re activate it. PG, I Love You!
After a week and a half, we have all new ducts, new insulation and a re-vamped air conditioning unit!. As soon as the fella puts one more coat on the ceiling, and paints the whole thing, at no cost to us, where the young worker put his foot through it , we will be back to normal! No moth ball smell anywhere!

Thanks you for all your help.
Edna Power

Nursing Home/Restaurant Odors
'..............We have used your products (Smelleze®) before and find it to be excellent.
Bob Jensen, CA

Oil Odor
We had a heating oil leak, the odor was tremendous, and your VaporSorb Vapor Absorbent Pouches were very effective in controlling the odor. We will be ordering your products again.
Jim, NY

Ostomy Bag Odors
Smelleze® Ostomy Bag Deodorizer Granules is the best product I have used in the last ten years. Please keep making it. Don't stop!
Deborah, CA

Ostomy Bag Odors
'Please keep making Smelleze Ostomy Bag Deodorizer-IT'S THE BEST!
B. Correia, CA

Ostomy and Other Odors
To eliminate all odors from any source, I always use Smelleze® pouches, granules, and powders. They eliminate the odors without masking them with perfumes. Imtek products have greatly improved the air quality in our homes and vehicles. I also routinely use it for my colostomy odors and have found it to be very effective.
Essex, MO

'The Smelleze® Ostomy Bag Deodorizer really works well and I would like to order more'

Paint Odors
I own a lovely store that specializes in customized painted furniture. We work with all types of paint for 8 hours or more a day on a regular basis. The fumes and vapors constantly generated from open paint containers use to cause a terrible paint odor problem. This was offensive to our customers and bad for our health. Then I discovered Smelleze® and was amazed by the results. I used Smelleze® Paint Deodorizer Pouches in the work areas and Smelleze® Carpet Deodorizer Powder on the carpets and could smell the difference in the same day. Smelleze® completely eliminated all the nasty paint odors. Now my customers don't complain and the air is cleaner and fresher. I would definitely recommend Smelleze® to all artists and painters.
L.A. Keller
Artist & Owner
The Gilt Trip

Pet Odors
I love working with animals and running a pet grooming business. However, one of the pitfalls of this business is the stinky odors that come from handling, cleaning, and grooming a large amount of animals in a confined space. Sometimes, the smell can knock you off your feet! I decided to do something about the pet odor problem and started investigating my options. I was introduced to Smelleze® by a business associate and was a little skeptical but decided to try it since it was guaranteed to work. I installed Smelleze® Pet Deodorizer Pouches in my grooming areas, Smelleze® Pet Litter Deodorizer Granules in litter boxes, and used Smelleze® Carpet Deodorizer Powder on my carpets and floors. I couldn't believe the difference. All the odors were gone. Even my customers were surprised and started commenting how odor free my business was. This definitely helped my business image. Now I regularly use Smelleze® and recommend it to all my customers.
V. Rubinshtyn
Fluffy Friends Pet Grooming

Pet Odors
We have used a Smelleze® Pet Deodorizer Pouch for our "house" rabbits and are very satisfied. So much so, that we are ordering a couple of car pouches and an extra pet pouch. We recently purchased a used vehicle that was owned by a light smoker. Since my wife and I are not smokers, the odor is very obvious to us. We were so satisfied with the pet pouch that we figured maybe you had a product that could help with smoke, and you do.
Mark Enrietta
Morris, IL

Pet Odor
I previously ordered a number of SMELLEZE® Pet Deodorizer pouches and I am really delighted with the result. I think you have a magnificent product and will readily recommend to friends and family
Niall Savage

RV Odors
I got my order this morning, only 24 hours after placing it by phone. Thanks for the fast turnaround.
John Oglethrope, FL

Shoe Odors
'...that (and I don't think I'm telling you anything you don't already know) the stuff (Smelleze® Shoe Deodorizer Powder) really seems to work.
S. Kates

Smoke Odors
My husband and I smoke a few packs of cigarettes a day. Needless to say, our house, car, and clothes were always smelling of smoke. It will come as no surprise in this anti-smoking climate that friends and family were always commenting about smoke odors. Finally, my niece told me about Smelleze® Smoke Deodorizer Pouch and I decided to try it just to get her of my back. Lo and behold, it worked! My house smelled clean and fresh. It even helped get rid of the odors on my clothes. I was so impressed that I put Smelleze® pouches in all our rooms and even in our cars. I am happy to tell you that I haven't heard any snide smoke odor comments since I started using Smelleze™
B. Pozorski

Smoke Odors
'Thank you for helping me with my order this weekend. I am looking forward to putting your product (Smelleze® Smoke Deodorizer Pouch) to use in my wood burning stove. Clearly your products appear to be fantastic and your service is excellent.......'
Al Siano
New York, NY

Stall Odors
'After attending Equitana I think your product would prove to be very useful for many horse owners. There were no products represented there that were even close yet we know that there is a tremendous need. ...'
Michelle Boyle
HorsePlay Magazine

Urine Odors
I had a male cat that marked his territory in one bedroom and closet by urinating there. After using the Smelleze® Urine Deodorizer Granules, the odor has totally disappeared. I can't believe it worked so fast with minimum of effort and it was very cost effective. A cleaning service would have charged me at least $65 to eliminate the odor. I saved $50 by using IMTEK's Smelleze® products.
Bloomfield, MO

' ....the VaporSorb and Smelleze® products has literally changed our lives. I just can't believe it ! I would not have guessed. I wish everyone knew about this stuff. We are now living comfortably in our house....'
Sheryl Tiommons