ScentOut™ Reusable Activated Carbon Human Scent Control Bag: 24" x 28"

ScentOut™ Reusable Activated Carbon Human Scent Control Bag: 24
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    • Activated carbon liner absorbs & locks out odors
    • Eliminates human scent from stored hunting gear
    • Ample storage for boots, hunting gear or clothes
    • Reusable & Reactivates in direct sunlight
    • Provides years of effective scent-blocking power
    • Convenient, long lasting, all-season scent control
    • Non-staining & safe to use with all gear & fabrics
    • Start every hunt with the ScentOut™ of your gear

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    ScentOut™ Reusable Activated Carbon Human Scent Control Bag: 24" x 28"
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    Superior Scent Control = Superior Hunting

    ScentOut™ Reusable Activated Carbon Scent Control Bags are the quintessential sportsman's must-have accessory. Made of waterproof polyester on the outside and non-woven fiber impregnated with finely-ground activated carbon on the inside, each ScentOut™ Bag is designed to block contaminating human and household scents from hunting gear stored in the Bag, while also absorbing and neutralizing any odors gassing from that same gear.

    Light-weight and strong, each Bag offers ample scent-blocking storage. Reactivated in direct sunlight, ScentOut™ Reusable Activated Carbon Scent Control Bags offer years of effective scent control, as well as great savings. Don't let telltale foreign scents betray your position, start every season and every hunt fresh by storing hunting clothing and gear in ScentOut™ Reusable Activated Carbon Scent Control Bags.

    Block Scent & Control Your Hunting Environment

    The greatest asset any hunter can possess comes before their ability to hit their target precisely or to find the greatest (and completely secret) place to find game – and that asset is to be invisible in the game animal's environment.

    Hunters use a comprehensive array of clothing, headgear, gloves, and boots to blend into their surroundings. Some outfits are even cut to mimic fluttering leaves and sport intricate patterns of nature for every season. This dedicated gear is sometimes doused with various mixtures of animal scent in an attempt to mask the hunter's human scent.

    Support Your Hunting Prep Regimen

    All of this preparation can fail however, if the gear smells of laundry detergent, household or pet odors, or other synthetic smells, such as fuels, oils or cleaners – let alone human scent. These strange scents need to be blocked or eliminated from hunting gear and this is where ScentOut™ Reusable Activated Carbon Scent Control Bags save the day.

    Once any clothing, boots or other hunting gear are cleaned prior to use, the items can be stored in an ample-sized ScentOut™ Reusable Activated Carbon Scent Control Bag. Once inside, the items are protected from outside smells, but most importantly, any scent attached to the stored items will be eliminated through the bonding actions of the activated carbon lining inside each Bag.

    Activated Carbon Stops Scent at the Source

    This lining consists of finely ground activated carbon that has been impregnated into the non-woven material of each Bag. The activated carbon lining of each ScentOut™ Bag offers superior scent blocking due to its unique adsorption properties. Unlike materials or liquids that absorb one to the other, activated carbon adsorbs, which means that it literally bonds with odors at a molecular level. This bonding captures and neutralizes scent molecules, eliminating them entirely.

    The result of using ScentOut™ Scent Control Bags is hunting gear that has been truly scent-neutralized for confident use in the field.

    Blocking Scent from the Nose that Knows

    Considering the heightened senses a hunter must contend with, storage options with effective scent blocking capabilities, such as ScentOut™ Reusable Scent Control Bags, become important tools.

    The need for scent control is obvious in the face of the facts about certain game animals. For example, whitetail deer can differentiate as many as six different scents at the same time and their sense of smell is 500 to 1,000 times more acute than a human's. Plus, they can detect a foreign scent from as far away as a half-mile.

    Combating these finely tuned noses can begin with storing all your hunting gear in ScentOut™ Reusable Activated Carbon Scent Control Bags. Each Bag offers ample storage for clothing, boots, hats and gloves, and other equipment that might carry a revealing scent.

    Reusable for Season-to-Season Scent Control

    Lightweight yet strong, each ScentOut™ Activated Carbon Scent Control Bag is also reusable. The activated carbon lining can be reactivated in direct sunlight, giving you years of effective scent-blocking use. When not in use, ScentOut™ Bags easily fold for convenient stowing until needed.

    ScentOut™ Reusable Scent Control Bags provide year 'round scent blocking and controlling, no matter what type of game you hunt. From larger game animals, such as deer to game birds, such as turkey, pheasant and quail ScentOut™ Reusable Bags can give any hunter the no-scent edge.

    ScentOut™ Reusable Activated Carbon Scent Control Bags are but one of the many eco-smart products that adhere to our policy of developing non-toxic, natural odor solutions that are safe for use around people, pets, and the planet.


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