SmellRid® Reusable Moso Bamboo Carbon Deodorizers

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SmellRid® Reusable Moso Bamboo Carbon Deodorizers
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    • 100% natural moso bamboo carbon deodorizer
    • Simple to use - just set near odor & go!
    • Eliminates any odor & purifies air
    • Reusable - Reactivates - Recyclable
    • Reactivated in direct sunlight for reuse
    • Long-lasting, highly effective, money-saver
    • Portable, powerful, scent & toxin free
    • Extremely safe for people, pets & planet
    • Ideal for deodorizing items & spaces up to 45 sq. ft.

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    Product Name
    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Smell Removers: 2 Large (3" x 7") Pouches/Pack
    Each Pouch Treats 45 Sq. Ft.   
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    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Nice, environement-friendly products that make a difference!
    By (South Kingstown) [6.20.2020]
    I like both the Smelleze and SmellRid pouches and use them at both my house and office. Although I wanted to share a tip based on personal experience. The Smelleze pouches can be rejuvenated in sunlight as well as microwave whereas you cannot place SmellRid in microwave as it burns. Just direct sunlight for these! Hope it helps others.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Safe, Effective Carbon Packs
    By (Harrodsburg) [4.1.2020]
    These are good, fragrance-free and controls the odor very well for years by actually absorbing them

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    Gets Rid of Nasty Smell in Small Spaces!

    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Deodorizer Pouches are the perfect all-natural solution for getting rid of any bad odor in areas up to 45 sq. ft. Just set the carbon odor absorber in the problem area and you've got long-lasting deodorization!

    Simply reactivate the SmellRid® pouch in direct sunlight for a day to reuse or recycle in your garden when it's depleted. It's that easy to use, reuse, recycle, and save!

    SmellRid® is made from sustainable moso bamboo activated carbon to keep your home smell-free and safe. Use for deodorizing shoes, drawers, purses, bags, safe, car, storage containers, fridge, pet carriers, gun racks, and any other small space that smells may invade.

    Sick of Stinky Smell in Small Spaces?

    Unpleasant odors can be uncovered in all sorts of smaller spaces in your home, from opening a drawer that's been turned into a laundry hamper by your young son to opening the cooler used for last year's company picnic - that wasn't cleaned out. You want a deodorizer that offers fast, very effective results, and is easy to use.

    Snatching the closest spray can of "air freshener" and scent-blasting away the smell isn't the answer. Fragrances can't eliminate the source of the odor and will only cover it, while filling the air with a micro-mist of pollutants that coats everything with chemical residues. Plus, when the spray dries, the scent dies - and the odor is still there.

    Stop Stinky Smells in Small Spaces!

    For these alarmingly smelly encounters SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Deodorizer Pouches will come to your rescue and provide long-acting odor treatment. Just set a pouch near the odor source and you're done! The moso bamboo activated carbon media inside the pouch absorbs the foul odor naturally and purifies the air. It's that simple!

    SmellRid® pouches can tackle all sorts of nasty odors in small spaces. It eliminates recurring problems like stinky gym shoes or the musty smell under the sink to one-time issues like the funky odor in the purse you just bought or the smelly new cabinets you hope never to experience again.

    SmellRid® is Reusable for Years!

    With the SmellRid® activated carbon deodorizer, strong odors and odor-inducing moisture can be neutralized safely and effectively, without using harsh scents or chemicals. Our 100% natural moso bamboo activated carbon odor absorber is completely toxin-free and fully recyclable. And best of all: reusable for years, so you have the benefit of a money-saving, truly long-acting odor control solution!

    Your SmellRid® active carbon deodorizer pouches can be reactivated by simply placing them in direct sunlight for one day. This restores our proven air-purifying ingredient, moso bamboo activated carbon, to full effectiveness. For best results, reactivate in-use pouches on a monthly basis.

    The activated carbon media used in SmellRid® pouches is a very effective odor remover due to its extremely porous nature, trapping loads of contaminant molecules within billions of pores. Each pouch of this all natural activated carbon contains a massive odor-absorbing interior surface area greater than a football field. This may sound unbelievable but it's true!

    SmellRid® is Recyclable & Eco-Friendly

    SmellRid® activated carbon air purifier pouches are also recyclable. When a pouch is finally saturated, just cut it open and spread the depleted activated carbon in your garden. This natural substance will act as a nutrient and aid in retaining soil moisture.

    Earth-friendly SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Deodorizer Pouches are superior to scented sprays and chemical deodorizers in every way. In addition, they are also wonderful for use around people who are sensitive to chemicals and allergens.

    How to Use & Reuse SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Deodorizer Pouches

    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Deodorizers are a long acting, easy to use, and highly effective carbon odor absorber that is also reusable and recyclable. No matter what smaller space in your home has been invaded by odors, our moso bamboo deodorizer can eradicate them!

    Just place one SmellRid® activated carbon pouch near the odor source and it begins absorbing odors and purifying the air. Unlike sprays that mask odors with fragrances that fade away once they dry, SmellRid® pouches never stop working and can be reactivated to ensure years of effective smell elimination.

    Eliminate Every Type of Smell!

    SmellRid® moso bamboo deodorizer pouches absorb and eliminate a wide range of odors, including those of organic, inorganic, and microbial origin that result from household chemical products, pollutants, waste, sweat, dampness, decay, mold, bacteria, and other sources.

    From suit cases that have been stinky-sock skunked to travel bags with used diapers and beyond, SmellRid® moso bamboo activated carbon deodorizer pouches can stop that smell!

    Simple to Use!

    SmellRid® activated carbon deodorizer pouches are so simple to use. Just place a pouch near the smell source, whether tucked in a drawer or shoes, dropped into a gym bag or set in the pantry, and forget about it - and any offensive odors! Each pouch can cover up to 45 sq. ft. of space or less.

    SmellRid® pouches need no power to remove odor and are discreet, barely noticeable when stashed in those smaller stinky spots that need effective odor control. Once the smell is gone, the moso bamboo activated carbon is ready to go to work against the next smaller space odor alert.

    Stops Smells in Small Stinky Spaces

    SmellRid® activated carbon deodorizers can tackle and eradicate odors in every type of small smelly space you can imagine - or discover an odor coming from:

    • Clothing drawers, shoe boxes & bags, purses
    • Under sinks, kitchen cabinets & draws
    • Lunch boxes, coolers, small fridge
    • Diaper travel bags, toiletries satchels
    • Back packs, suit cases, & garment bags
    • Small pet carriers & dry pet food containers
    • Sneakers, shoes, boots & sandals
    • Safe, gun racks & storage containers
    • Car, boat, trailer & RV storage cubbies

    SmellRid® bamboo deodorizers can also serve as cost-effective replacement filters in activated carbon air purifier products and aquariums.

    For larger areas or severe odors, consider the XX-large SmellRid® pouches, which cover up to 300 sq. ft., and the X-Large pouches, which cover up to 150 sq. ft.

    Simple to Reactivate and Reuse

    One of the great benefits of using the SmellRid® activated carbon deodorizer to stop offensive odors is that each pouch is reusable, saving you money while providing a long-acting odor elimination solution.

    To take advantage of the reusability of your SmellRid® moso bamboo deodorizer and reactivate the all-natural activated carbon media, just place each pouch in direct sunlight for one day. For pouches that are used in a small space long-term, we recommend reactivating them each month.

    If the odor being treated is severe, or you wish a speedy elimination of the smell, pouches may be reactivated weekly or more often with a piece of aluminum foil under them until the odor is reduced.

    Long-Acting Performance - Fast Results

    SmellRid® moso bamboo activated carbon air purifier pouches can provide years of effective deodorization with regular direct sun reactivation, and depending on usage and conditions. You can extend pouch shelf life when not in use by storing in zip-top bags. When a new odor problem springs up in a smaller space, simply pop the pouch into direct sunlight for a day to reactivate and reuse.

    Smell Elimination - Naturally!

    SmellRid® contains a single 100% natural ingredient: sustainable moso bamboo activated carbon media. This is created using hi-heat, kiln-dry process in which the sustainable bamboo plant is reduced to an extremely porous type of activated carbon media that contains over a surface area greater than a football field.

    Activated carbon is a known air purifier, used in many applications, that has superior natural adsorption properties that pull odor-causing chemicals from the air and trap them within billions of intermolecular pores.

    Recyclable & Eco-Friendly

    A final benefit of SmellRid® moso bamboo activated carbon pouches is their ability to be recycled after their air purifying potential is finally expended. The 100% natural moso bamboo activated carbon can be sprinkled from the opened pouch onto your garden soil to help in retaining soil moisture and to add organic nutrients.

    The Bottom Line

    SmellRid® Moso Bamboo Activated Carbon Deodorizer & Air Purifier Pouches are the perfect odor removal solution for all your smaller stinky spaces:

    • Simple to Use
    • Highly Effective
    • Reusable & Recyclable
    • No fragrances, No chemicals
    • Non-hazardous - Safe for people & pets

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    WALTER: I have a wooden desk with several drawers that had perfumed sachet bags in them. I have tried everything to get rid of the smell. It seems that the perfume smell has absorbed into the wood. Which of your products do you recommend to get rid of this nasty scent. Also I am looking at your items for my car. Please advice. Thank you.

    You are right. While volatile perfumes are exposed to wood, it will absorb it like a sponge and hold onto it. Later, it will tend to slow release it. The best way to attack this problem is to place SMELLRID Reusable Odor Grabber Pouches in the draws. This product will literally help pull the perfume smells out continuously, retain them, and solve the problem. This deodorizer lasts for years so you can keep reusing it until your desk is totally scent-free.


    MICHAEL: I have real solid oak bedroom furniture. It has a sour, rancid smell. Not particularly noticeable, but any clothes I store becomes unwearable. The pieces were new five years ago, the retailer imported them from China. I thought it was initially a new wood smell, but it did not clear. I tried varnishing, to no avail.

    ANSWER: The repugnant odor could be due to the chemicals used in finishing the oak furniture or some natural smelly component in the wood that is off-gassing slowly. I would recommend using SMELLRID Reusable Furniture Odor Collector Pouches. This product works like an odor trap to rid the smells from furniture without using any chemicals or fragrances.


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