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Best Way To Eliminate Pet Urine Odors Permanently


Weighing in at between four and 40 pounds, small dogs such as Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, and Boston Terriers can make great pets for people of all walks of life.

These sorts of dogs don’t typically require long walks — in fact, they can get pretty worn out if walks are too long — and so they might be just what you’re looking for if you don’t live the most active lifestyle but yet have plenty of love to give as a doggy parent.

Properly trained and socialized, small dogs can learn to obey a variety of commands, steer clear of unacceptable behavior, and do their doggy business outdoors rather than indoors. But if you’re away from home for an extended period or don’t take out your dog at proper intervals, you more likely than not will at some point find yourself cleaning up after an “accident.”

The problem is that an accident where your small dog feels there’s no other recourse than to pee or poo indoors can leave pungent smells if not cleaned up properly — and this is particularly the case when it comes to dog urine on carpets.

The potentially strong, pungent odor can leave your home smelling bad, but high concentrations of urine, which has ammonia, could also be dangerous to your health. Specifically, it can irritate your lungs, nose, and throat, which could potentially result in respiratory problems.

In order to keep your home looking — and smelling — its best if your small dog has an accident indoors, here are some tips on how to eliminate urine odors.

  1. Soak Urine Up

    The first step, after finding that your small dog has peed on the carpet, is to soak up the urine using a cotton cloth, paper towels, or anything else that is absorbent enough to soak up the spill. It is important that you take your time to remove as much of the urine as possible since you could be left not only with overwhelmingly unpleasant odors, but also with potentially serious health problems such as respiratory tract issues.

  2. Treat the Urine Contaminated Area

    While there are lots of products that claim to help to get rid of urine odor, some work better than others. One product that will get rid of the putrid scent and eliminate the potential for health problems is Smelleze Eco Urine Smell Removal Granules. When you get this product, you will need to sprinkle it on the affected area. One of the benefits is that it will get rid of the urine scent rather than merely mask it with some overpowering perfume smell. The product is made with ingredients that are odorless, all-natural, and non-toxic, which means that the treated area will be safe for you and your small dog.

    So, there you have it — a safe way to deal with pee on carpets. You may not be able to guarantee that your small dog won’t have an accident indoors, but at least you can be prepared to deal with any problems. Failing to properly treat areas exposed to dog urine will leave a bad smell and possibly lead to health problems, so be sure to soak up the pee before it has a chance to dry and then treat the area with a product that will get rid of — rather than just cover up — the stench.

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  • Bryan Kort