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4 Remedies for Stubborn Odors


There is nothing more pleasant than a clean, fresh-smelling home. Unfortunately, your home can also be a breeding ground for nasty odors. Here are some common home odors and how to get rid of them:

  1. Stinky Garbage Can

    Everybody is familiar with the stinky smell of a full garbage can. Eggshells, potato skins, and apple cores are all heaped together to create a disgusting symphony of smell. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to get rid of the odor: take out the trash.

    But what if the garbage can still stinks?

    You might be tempted to battle the stink by simply spraying the can down with an air freshener before putting a new bag in. But air fresheners merely mask the problem and are not effective in providing a real solution. Also, many contain harsh chemicals and the too-sweet smells might give you a headache. So it’s best to tackle the problem by getting to the odor source.

    Firstly, you can also give the garbage can a good washing, either with dish detergent, bleach, or ammonia. But be careful! Mixing bleach and ammonia creates toxic fumes, which would be even worse than a smelly trash can. For the best results, clean and deodorize simultaneously with a commercial strength product like ODOREZE® Natural Dumpster Odor Eliminating Spray & Cleaner.

    Secondly, it best to prevent the smelly garbage problem in the future by adding a little bit of SMELLEZE® Natural Garbage Smell Proofing Granules in the bag before using it. This way the granules will continually absorb any rotting food smell as it’s created and keep your garbage can and kitchen smelling clean.

  2. Smelly Diaper Pail

    Parents only want what’s best for their children, especially when it comes to keeping the little ones safe and happy. A diaper pail is a breeding ground for nasty smells. Even those handy pails that wrap each individual diaper can only do so much. Be sure to empty the pail often.

    If you’re worried about using harsh chemicals in the baby’s nursery, never fear. There are plenty of natural ways to get rid of the stinky diaper smell. You could try a dryer sheet in the bottom of the pail, or you can sprinkle in some baking soda. But the results may be marginal at best.

    If neither of these is powerful enough to vanquish the diaper smell, then it’s time to consider using a professional but safe product like SMELLEZE® Eco Diaper Pail Odor Absorbing Crystals. This is a 100% natural product that eliminates stool and urine odor without using fragrances or toxic chemicals so it’s safe to use around the nursery.

  3. Moldy Smells

    Moldy smells can appear in any area of the house, but they’re most commonly found in the kitchen, bathroom, and basement – the damp areas.

    • In the kitchen: Be sure to wring out sponges and washcloths and let them dry thoroughly. If you live in a humid climate, switch out the sponge for a plastic brush. That way there’s no dark, damp place for mold to grow.
    • In the bathroom: Invest in a squeegee. After a steamy shower, squeegee the shower doors and any mirrors. In dry climates, floor mats will usually be okay, but be sure to wash them often anyway and even more often in humid areas.
    • In the basement: If water is getting in from the outside, get in touch with a professional waterproofing company. Even if you don’t hire them, they can give you some tips for keeping water away from the foundation of your home. You may invest in a sump pump, or have the rain gutters on your roof replaced to direct water away from the home.

    Wherever the moldy odors are coming from, be sure to keep the area clean and dry. To help with the latter and prevent mold, place MOISTURESORB® Reusable Moisture Absorbent Pouches in damp areas to capture excess moisture from the air. Mold spores can cause breathing difficulties and serious illnesses, so it’s important to track down and eliminate the cause of the smell.

  4. Toilet Smells

    The stench of a backed-up drain is one of the most unpleasant odors in a home. But if you’ve got a smelly toilet, don’t panic. As long as you’ve got another working commode in the house, you can use that one while you deal with the problem. Here are a few tips for getting rid of the yucky toilet smell:

    • If the toilet is clogged, try to force the clog through by using a plunger. If that doesn’t work, you can use hot water with a bit of dish soap – hot water will hopefully loosen the clog. Another method to try is baking soda and vinegar. That volcanic action will, with any luck, force the clog out of the pipes.
    • If, after all your hard work, the toilet is still clogged, it’s time to call in the professionals. Plumbers in Oakville are sometimes available 24/7, so you can get help whenever disaster strikes.
    • If the toilet isn’t clogged, you’re in luck – it just needs a good cleaning. Instead of simply scrubbing the bowl, get a rag and some cleaner and wipe down the entire outside: tank, lid, seat, bowl, base, and the floor around. Inside the bowl, use whichever toilet cleaner you like best. For tough stains, drop in a denture cleaning tablet or two. Let them effervesce for half an hour or so, give the bowl a quick scrub with the brush, and flush. For tough commode odors, discretely hang a SMELLEZE® Reusable Toilet Odor Eater Pouch on the side of the tank in the commode.

No matter where the stubborn odor is coming from, getting rid of it is easier than you think once you know how.

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  • Bryan Kort