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Careers has never laid off a single employee in our 10 year history and we are still hiring!

Green Collar Jobs @ is a global provider of innovative solutions for a greener, safer and healthier life and planet. Corporate responsibility and sustainability is not new to us. We have been working diligently for over 10 years to create eco-friendly solutions and a carbon neutral company with a zero environmental footprint that we are very proud off. We are a progressive, forward looking company that values employees, our greatest asset, above all else.

We are a premier market leader in supplying low cost safe, eco-friendly, reusable, recyclable, non-toxic, odorless, natural, non-flammable and non-caustic odor, pollution and moisture control products that do not contain VOCs, CFCs, heavy metals, harmful or ozone depleting chemicals.

At, we surround ourselves with highly motivated smart professionals who want to make a real difference. We are innovative problem solvers who thrive on taking decisive action to drive our growth in a fast paced and challenging environment. We have built a nimble, dynamic and progressive virtual work environment for the 21st century rather then a traditional formalized corporate structure. This allows our employees the independence and flexibility to thrive. Our mission is to be dedicated and loyal to our employees. We have never laid off a single employee in our 20 year history. We are committed to employee satisfaction throughout our global operations. We offer professional growth through education and training, and encourage career planning and advancement. We offer flexible hours as well as the ability to work remotely.

We believe the strength of our company is found in our people and they are the key to our continued growth and prosperity in the 21st century. We believe that our employees are are our biggest and most valuable asset. We believe that our employees are our future. We believe in empowering our employees and giving them the the tools, responsibility, freedom and flexibility to do their jobs to the best of their ability so they can excel in a tough fast paced climate. We believe in generously rewarding our employees for their accomplishments.

In spite of the tough economic downturn, has been very fortunate in being able to continue to grow due to our diversification, creativity and innovation. Our green products and solutions continue to be in high demand becuase our compelling value proposition is relevant to our customers in this climate. We are focused on extending our leadership position and continuing to gain market share in this environment. As part of this effort, we are currently HIRING to fuel our current and future growth. Following are the jobs that are currently available:

Sales & Marketing Positions

We are aggressively seeking talented, money motivated and enthusiastic individuals who are looking to establish a lucrative career in sales and marketing. We are interviewing for senior executive, management and entry level positions, all of which have the opportunity for exceptionally high earning potential and advancement. The perfect candidates will possess enthusiasm, a passion for green solutions and a strong drive to succeed. We also value great people skills, creativity, independence, ambition and integrity.

We are looking to fill the the positions below immediately. You will have the option to work in a virtual office and the job will not require relocation.

Please note that compensation for these sales and marketing positions are based solely on generous profit sharing and stock option plans. These positions are ideal for highly motivated entrpreneurial individuals wanting to earn $100,000+ without the limitations of a rigid traditional corporate structure and the freedom to be creative thinkers.

Vice President- Sales
Director- Sales
Manager- Sales
Manager- eSales
Sales Representatives

Vice President- Marketing
Director- Marketing
Manager- Marketing
Manager- eMarketing
Director- Public Relations


The following operations line positions will be based in Cumming, GA. Part-time work is also available.

Customer Service Representatives

Job Applications is looking for talent. If you wish to be considered for a green collar job at, please email your resume to or fax to 770.667.8683 All resumes will be kept confidential.