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Smelleze® Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch

Smelleze® Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch
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    • Simply place in fridge or freezer to get smell out
    • Eliminates spoilt food odors without cover-ups
    • Keeps food fresher longer & fridge smelling clean
    • Prevents nasty freezer burn taste
    • Reusable for years to save you money
    • Just heat in microwave or sun to refresh & reuse
    • Controls humidity & reduces energy use
    • Naturally non-toxic, safe & chemical-free
    • Made in USA

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    Smelleze® Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed warranty, so you can buy without any risk. If it fails to perform according to its specifications or is defective, we will replace it immediately or refund you.

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    Smelleze® Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch: Large
    Treats 1 Fridge/Freezer    (Size: 4.5" x 7")
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    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    By (Kearney) [2.3.2020]
    I left meat in my camper freezer for 3 weeks. Odor was soooo bad! Couldn’t get it out with charcoal, soda and vinegar. Smelleze Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch came to the rescue. Storing it in freezer for a week really helped, smell totally gone after two weeks.
    4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Recommend This for Eliminating Rotting Food Odors in Fridge
    By (Dearborn) [9.25.2019]
    Food spoiled in refrigerator while I was gone on a trip. I couldn’t get the odor out through traditional home remedies. So, I purchased Smelleze sachets online and kept inside refrigerator for a few days. I was pleasantly surprised with the results as the odor dissapeared.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent odor remover for rotting food smell in freezer
    By (Chesapeake) [9.16.2019]
    Our freezer went off while we were away. We disposed of the food but the awful smell was left behind. A chemist friend said it might be 'Cadavarin'. I found out about your all-natural products and we bought the Smelleze reusable Fridge Pouch. It is a really good product, neutralized the smell without masking or emitting any harmful fragrance chemicals. I would suggest investing in this reusable pouch as home remedies almost never work on such strong odors.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Burnt Smell from Refrigerator Removed
    By (Anaheim) [7.17.2019]
    I had a strange problem. My refrigerator only smelled like cigarette smoke on the outside when the fan in the back was running. Thankfully, I stumbled upon Smelleze™ Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch while searching online and it resolved the issue. I like the concept of odor adsorption rather than cover-ups. Thanks!
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Smelleze Helped Deodorize My Fridge Safely
    By (Baltimore) [6.18.2019]
    I had an odour in my freezer and my fridge compartment. The tech came and could not find what was causing the smell. He told me to get a charcoal deodorizers and just put it to stand on the shelf, so I bought your Smelleze™ Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch and so glad that I did. It encapsulated and eliminated the smell without releasing any chemicals or being harmful for edibles. Thanks!
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Wicked Spoiled Food Odor Eliminated
    By (Arthur) [6.14.2019]
    Lost power unknowingly in parked RV and food in fridge freezer thawed and spoiled....wicked smell. Ordered Smelleze Refrigerator Deodorizer - best product for the problem. Absorbed and eliminated smell without releasing any harmful chemicals or any cover-ups. Thanks!
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Smelleze Saved My Refrigerator, Recommended!
    By (Atlantic City) [6.1.2019]
    Food was left in an RV refrigerator for 6 months while in storage. We were told that we will need to replace the refrigerator but thanks to Smelleze™ Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch the situation never arose. It totally saved the fridge and us by removing the odor permanently over a period of few days by absorption. Now I can rejuvenate and reuse to keep the contents fresh.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Smelleze Was Awesome for Refrigerator Smell
    By (Cape Girardeau) [5.1.2019]
    I defrosted several snow crab clusters in my refrigerator, and the smell afterwards was terrible. I tried a total cleaning, using everything under the sun! The smell diminished some, but was not gone. I was able to totally eliminate the odor with the help of your Smelleze™ Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch. Appreciate that it is resuable and works 24/7 to keep refrigerator contents fresh without any side effects.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Smelleze Drove Shrimp Smell Away from My Fridge
    By (Anniston) [3.27.2019]
    I had a very terrible shrimp smell in mt freezer and fridge. Wanted something safe to use with all the edibles. Smelleze™ Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch proved to be the perfect product to do the job as it is 100% natural, works constantly by capturing and eliminating the odor molecules. So glad that the TERRIBLE shrimp smell was gone.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    By (Albany) [3.5.2019]
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Smelleze Made My Fridge Smell Go Away
    By (Billings) [2.3.2019]
    Had a terrible odor in my Samsung refrigerator. Cleaned it all but odor was still there but not in freezer. Smelleze™ Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch is a good option for this problem. I kept it in my fridge and it drove the smell away, safely without any harmful chemicals. Good product.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Say Goodbye to Freezer Smell Woes!
    By (Washington) [1.24.2019]
    Smell of unthawed food from freezer that our gfs tripped and we didn't notice it until i went to open the freezer and EVERYTHING IN THERE WAS unthawed and molded. Stink was horrible. I cleaned both the frigde and freezer and you could still smell the stench from the unthawed food. i used bleach water mixture and i could still smell it. Much praise to Smelleze™ Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch that finally salvaged the situation. It eliminated the smell in a few days, just kept the doors open and let natural air pass. Thank you so much.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Smelleze Eliminated Horrible Spoiled Food Odor
    By (Ls Vegas) [11.14.2018]
    My parents recently had a tree land on their home in a storm. They lost power and cannot live in the home for several months. We were under the impression that the cleaning company was going to go in to clean out the refrigerator and freezer and dispose of everything but they did not. Everything sat for several weeks in the fridge, so you can imagine the mayhem of the smell! We placed Smelleze™ Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouches in the fridge and freezer and aired them out for a week. The smell is almost gone now and since the product is completely chemical-free it is safe for the food items as well, no side effects. Would recommend this product definitely!
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Saved my Home from Terrible Odor!
    By (Greenville) [11.6.2018]
    I had stored squid in my freezer and the power went out while away on vacation. The squid thawed out, went bad, and the contents leaked out onto the floor and even went into the condo downstairs. Needless to say, my condo reaked! I needed to get the smell out quick because I could not stay in my own home. I placed Smelleze® pouches in my air ducts and doubled up by also placing them in the worst smelling areas and the freezer. I also used the granules on the Travertine tiles where the liquids had gone. A few days of this treatment got rid of the rotten smell and I was back in my condo like it never happened.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    I Absolutely Love this Product! Thank You Smelleze
    By ( Oklahoma city) [11.2.2018]
    My refrigerator had taken on the odor of dead fish. I needed help quite desperately. Smelleze™ Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch salvaged the situation. The best part is it's 100% natural so totally safe to be kept in area where you store food and reusable too, so good for your pocket as well! Thank you Smelleze.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Smelleze came to the Rescue!
    By (Trenton) [11.1.2018]
    We had fish frozen in plastic bags stored in the freezer door compartments that had to be partially thawed to remove. So the refrigerator and freezer both stank of rotten fish. The smell seemed to be in the plastic of the refrigerator. Thank god, Smelleze™ Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch came to the rescue. We chose this because we needed a chemical-free deodorizer for our refrigerator and it did the right job by quickly absorbing the bad smell permanently within a few days of keeping it in the freezer.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Thanks for Salvaging our Fridge!
    By ( Annapolis) [10.31.2018]
    We had a power failure. I had fish in the freezer that defrosted. I was having a problem removing fishy odor from my freezer and refrigerator. Placed Smelleze® Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch in the refrigerator for a few days and was really satisfied with the results. The product worked when power went again and is quite economical too! Thanks for salvaging our fridge.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Smelleze Helped Save Our Travel Trailer From Horrible Shrimp Odor
    By ( Myrtle Beach) [10.25.2018]
    We have a 26 ft. travel trailer we use for camping. We accidentally left a box of shrimp and some night crawlers in it and discovered it about a week later. The smell was so bad and we couldn't seem to get rid of it. The only product that helped is the SMELLEZE reusable deodorizer that we placed in the trailer and kept the door open for a few hours for some days. Worth trying for related rotting smells.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Smelleze Eliminated Terrible Fish Odor From My Fridge
    By ( Cleveland) [10.16.2018]
    My dorm refrigerator lost power on a very hot day. The freezer section was filled with fish which had thawed and rotted. It smelled terrible, obviously! Happy to say that I found a specialized product for my freeze, natural and not harmful for eatables. Smelleze freezer deodorizer is effective, easy to use and the delivery was quick too! Thanks!
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Smelleze for Fridge Worked Best For Us
    By ( El Paso) [10.15.2018]
    Bad fish odor in refrigerator was bothering everyone…best product we used so far is Smelleze reusable pouch for refrigerator……odor was gone in a few days after I placed the pouch…thanks
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Removed Terrible Odor From Fridge
    By ( Des Moines) [9.27.2018]
    Hi there, we brought a second-hand fridge that smelt really bad. We washed it out with baking soda and vinegar. We even cut up apples and put them the fridge and freezer. The odor still lingered. It mainly came from the freezer. We stopped putting food in the freezer so that the smell would not go to the food. A blog suggested the refrigerator pouch from smelleze which we used. It slowly drove out the smell. It took some days but the smell went away we store food again in the freezer now.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Freezer Odor Completely Erased
    By (NY) [9.25.2018]
    The power on my freezer was accidentally turned off for 2-1/2 months. The 3 yr old freezer is the large upright size. I tried using rubbing alcohol but it did not do any good. Finally, a friend recommended your Smelleze refrigerator smell deodorizer pouch and it really worked. I am so happy that the smell is now completely gone. Thanks.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Spoiled Food Odor Eliminated!
    By ( Buffalo) [9.25.2018]
    I had a persistent spoiled food or sour protein odor in my refrigerator after leaving partially finished yogurt container in too long. I used four (4) Arm and Hammer Baking Soda cartons and they did not work in removing the odor from my refrigerator. Your sales rep recommend SMELLEZE Reusable Fridge Smell Deodorizer Pouches which I used and it completely solved my stinky fridge problem! Thank you for your help.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Bad Fish Smell Neutralized!
    By (Enterprise) [7.18.2016]
    We had a power failure while we were away. I had several pounds of fish in the freezer that defrosted and went bad. I was having a hard problem removing the stinky fishy odor from freezer and refrigerator until I tried Smelleze®. It knocked that putrid rotting fish odor right out in a day! This is the product to use if you are fighting bad food smell. It's made for that.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    fantastic product
    By (fishers) [12.11.2015]
    A storm came thru & knocked the power out. I didn't realize my freezer was plugged into an outlet that needs a little red button pushed back in to come back on after an outage. Two weeks later I found out the hard way by smelling very rotten fish in my freezer. I was ready to throw the new freezer away due to the smell. I put bleach, baking soda etc. in the freezer for MONTHS ! Nothing helped until I found this product by accident. WONDERFUL, miracle product. I had no smell within minutes ! I'm now trying their product to remove moldy smells. I'm sure it will work on my beloved Soma water bed I was ready to throw out ! A product that does what it says is hard to find !!! KUDO'S !!!
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Smelleze® Got Rotting Food Smells Out of My Fridge!
    By (Omaha) [8.8.2015]
    While we were on vacation, we lost power while it was very hot. Unfortunately, our refrigerator was off for two weeks and everything smelt rotten to the core. It was horrible! We tried cleaning the fridge several times and using baking soda but it just kept smelling very bad. After the smell became extremely intolerable, I was thinking of getting rid of it. But my neighbor told me about Smelleze® Reusable Fridge Smell Removal Deodorizer Pouch and that it has been known to get rid of rotting food odors in refrigerators. I was a little doubtful about the product at first. But since Smelleze cost just $ 11.99 and it came with a warranty, I decided to give it a shot since I was about to loose a $1,500 fridge. I'm glad I listened to my neighbor sooner. Smelleze is a good reusable fridge deodorizer and worked like a charm in removing the spoiled food odors. I would like to recommend it to all the people reading this review.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Rotten Meat Refrigerator/Freezer Odor Gone!
    By (Annville) [7.13.2015]
    We have a cabin which we only get to every couple of weeks or monthly. During the time we weren't there, the electric went out for 2 weeks and all the frozen meat thawed and refrigerator food spoiled. In the heat and all closed up, it became a rancid mess and the smell was unbearable throughout the cabin. After 6 scrubbings of clorox and any other cleaner we would think of, the odor was still there - even worse now with all the chemical smells mixed in. We were ready to toss the refrigerator when I found the Smelleze Refrigerator Deodorizer Pouch online. Ordered it and it came just in time for us to return to the cabin. After hanging the pouch, within 24 hours the refrigerator and freeze smelled brand new and ready to use again. KUDOS for an amazing product! In fact, I just now ordered a bunch of other Smelleze products to use throughout our main house! Simply amazing.....
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Refrigerator Odor Completely Gone!
    By (Springfield) [6.4.2015]
    I had a refrigerator/freezer that, filled with food, had been unplugged for almost 6 months. It was easy enough to clean but you can't imagine what the odor was like. I found your product (Smelleze ® Refrigerator Deodorizer Pouch) on-line and, since it was so reasonably priced, I thought it was worth a try. Well, IT WORKED!!! In just a few days the odor was lessened by at least 75% and now, a couple of weeks later, it is completely gone. Needless to say, I have put your website in my "favorites" and will use it again in addition to other IMTEK products should the need arise.
    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
    Verified Buyer
    Refrigerator Odors
    By (Salt Lake City) [4.22.2015]
    We bought the SMELLEZE Refrigerator Deodorizer Pouch 3 years ago for the office. It works better than baking soda we were using, and when you do the math, it’s less expensive. Logged on today, because it’s time to replace them. Just a note, if you recharge them in the microwave make sure to rotate them before the microwave burns a hole in the pouch.

    Volume Discount (Buy 6 Get 10% / Buy 12 Get 15%)


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    Eliminate Fridge Odors While Keeping Food Fresher Longer & Reducing Energy Bills

    A common problem with refrigerated food is that it acquires an unpalatable taste because of odors transferring from one food to another and freezer burn. In extreme cases, your fridge could also acquire nasty odors from rotting food. If you have a horrible smell in your refrigerator or freezer that you can't seem to get rid of, Smelleze® can help!

    The Smelleze® Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch was developed to absorb and eliminate all fridge and freezer odors on contact without masking them with fragrances. Even rotten meat has no chance and Smelleze® will ensure that you won't lose your appetite when you open your fridge door.

    Unlike other products, Smelleze® will also absorb ethylene which causes premature ripening and moisture. This will result in your food staying fresher longer while your energy bill is reduced. It is also significantly superior to products like baking soda and charcoal.

    For a breath of fresh air, simply place the reusable Smelleze® pouches in your fridge, cooler or freezer and smell the difference. This product can also be used during moving and storage to absorb refrigerator odors. To rejuvenate periodically, simply heat in a microwave 2-4 minutes or place in direct sunlight for a day and reuse. Replace when rejuvenation does not help. Smelleze® can work for years so it is very cost effective.

    Smelleze® is non-toxic, safe, reusable recyclable, natural, odorless, non-flammable and non-caustic. Smelleze® is an ideal environmentally friendly solution for eliminating unpleasant refrigerator, freezer and cooler odors without adding pollutants to the air you breathe. It does not contain VOCs, harmful or ozone depleting chemicals and is especially beneficial for those suffering from allergies and chemical sensitivity. No fossil fuels are used in the production of Smelleze® odor control media.

    Refrigerator Odor Problems

    A common problem with refrigerated food is that it aquires what is commonly referred to as 'refrigerator taste' or 'freezer burn' as a result of it absorbing unpleasant odors. This results in food that is often unpalatable and wasted. Furthermore, ethylene gas is evolved from food. This is how nature ripens vegetables and fruit. Unfortunately, etylene along with moisture also cause its ultimate decay. Loss of refrigerated food because of odor contamination and prematue ripening results in the loss of money.

    The Solution

    The Smelleze® Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch was specially developed to adsorb, neutralize, and encapsulate many unpleasant refrigerator odors, gases, and moisture on contact and help keep your refrigerator cleaner. Smelleze® will help retain food freshness and result in meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products tasting better and lasting longer. As an added benefit, Smelleze® will reduce your energy bills through humidity control. This product is also significantly superior to conventional odor absorbing products like baking soda and offers many advantages over it. No matter how you look at it, this product will save you money while doing a good job.

    How Smelleze® Works

    The Smelleze® Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch is a natural deodorizer that can be used to eliminate unpleasant refrigerator odors instead of merely masking them with fragrances. It will also adsorb moisture and gases which cause premature ripening of food. Smelleze® is negatively charged whereas odoriferous gases ride on positively charged particles. As a result, Smelleze® draws in refrigerator odors and moisture like a strong magnet. Thereafter, it traps, neutralizes, and encapsulates the odors without smelly cover-ups. The molecular structure of Smelleze® is made up of a lattice structure arranged to form a honeycomb framework of billions of interconnecting channels. This gives Smelleze® an enormous surface area that is larger than several football fields. The latter enables Smelleze® to asorb phenomenal amounts of refrigerator odors and moisture and work for months.

    Environmentally Friendly

    The Smelleze® Reusable Refrigerator Smell Deodorizer Pouch is non-toxic, safe, non-hazardous, natural, non-scented, recyclable and non-caustic. It is an ideal environmentally friendly product for eliminating refrigerator odors without adding pollutants to the air. Smelleze® does not contain chemical additives and is especially beneficial for those suffering from chemical sensitivity.


    Smelleze® can be effectively used in all types of domestic refrigerators, freezers, and coolers to eliminate refrigerator odors and moisture.


    For a breath of fresh air, simply remove the plastic cover and place Smelleze® pouches in the refrigerator to be treated. You will smell and taste the difference. Use one or more recommended size pouches per refrigerator treated. This product will function most efficiently in an enclosed area with good air circulation such as the second shelf of the refrigerator. To obtain the best results, remove the odor sources (e.g. bad food) and clean the refrigerator prior to treating with Smelleze®. This product may be used during moving and storage of refrigerators to prevent pungent odors that typically prevail when refrigerators are turned off for extended periods of time.


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    Past Question and Answers


    JANET: Our refrigerator lost power for 2 weeks while were on vacation. We live ina motorhome fulltime. It is a 4 door refrigerator. I have emptied, cleaned, bleached but the odor in the freezer sections are still terrible. What do you recommend?

    ANSWER: I would recommend using Smelleze® Reusable Refrigerator Deodorizer Pouch. Just place in the freezer and fridge sections to eliminate all bad smells you had after you lost powder.


    SCOTT: Hello, A blog recommended your product. I have oil based Zinnser primer smell in my refrigerator. Can any of your products help getting rid of the smell in refrigerators? I hope you can help!

    ANSWER: Thank you for taking time to consult with us about the Zinnser primer odor problem in your fridge. Since it’s a small confined and closed area, it can be especially troublesome since the chemical vapors have nowhere to go and can get absorbed by the food you have stored in it. You can refresh your fridge by placing Smelleze® Reusable Fridge Smell Deodorizer Pouches in it to eliminate the odor. Thereafter, you can just leave the Smelleze® pouches in the fridge to keep it smelling clean and fresh. It’s many, many times more effective than baking soda, reusable, and will last for years since it’s reusable. As an added benefit, it will also keep your stored food fresher for longer and save you money from spoilage and reduced power usage.


    LINDA: What is the cause of freezer odor? My awesome new LG freezer developed odors after a friend brought stuff from another freezer. Is it bacterial or fungal? I have a feeling that the contamination must have reached into the inaccessible parts of the freezer, through the interior vents where the cold air comes in... I gave it all a REALLY thorough cleaning recently, and tried unscrewing all the visible screws inside to access that area but it was not really removable after all. And how do grocery stores keep their freezers from developing that smell? Finally, I just bought your Smelleze Refrigerator Deodorizer Pouch - how should I clean the freezer prior to using this? It's clean inside, no visible frost or soil, but the odor remains. Glad to have run across your product. Freezer smell is the worst. Looking forward to having tasty ice again! Thank you.

    ANSWER: Sorry to hear about your problem. One suggestion would be to clean with a mild diluted bleach solution prior to using the Smelleze Refrigerator Deodorizer Pouch. This will help kill off any bacterial contamination that you may have causing the odor. Thereafter, the Smelleze will eliminate the odor. FYI, the XX Large version of this product is routinely used by grocery stores and other commercial facilities to eliminate cooler and freezer odors.


    DOUG: We inadvertently left some fish in the Freezer of our RV, needless to say a week later in warm weather we got back into the RV and the smell was overpowering. The fridge stinks to high heaven even after scrubbing with soap and water and baking soda. What can be done?

    ANSWER: I would suggest starting off by placing Smelleze Reusable Rotten Smelly Fish Deodorizer Pouch in your freezer and fridge. This product is designed to eliminate the smell of rotting fish (and other food) as well keeping your freezer and fridge smelling clean and helping your food stay fresher longer. You can also place Smelleze Reusable RV & Camper Smell Deodorizer Pouches in the areas that have been affected by the rotted smelly fish odor to neutralize it.


    MARY: Unfortunately, my garage freezer had stopped working and now garage smells like rotten chicken after all the food went bad. I have deep cleaned the freezer very well with bleach and it smells better. But how do I get the putrid smell out of the garage! Thank you for your help.

    ANSWER: We can make getting rid of the rotten chicken odors smell in your garage is very easy. Simply place 2-3 Smelleze Reusable Rotten Smell Removal Pouches in your garage. You can also place this same product inside your freezer to eliminate the remaining stench. To rejuvenate your pouches, you can place each one in direct sunlight for one day or place the pouches in the microwave for 2-4 minutes. This process helps your pouches last longer and clean odors faster!


    SHARON: Unbeknownst to me our freezer was unplugged for a couple of days and all the meat went bad. I tried javex, lysol, baking powder but it is still smelling really bad. What kind of home remedies do you have for spoiled food odor?

    ANSWER: We have a SMELLEZE for that that can work better than any home remedy. For some problems like decaying meat smell, you really need a professional strength odor remover that works. I would recommend utilizing SMELLEZE Reusable Rotten Food Smell Removing Pouches. Just insert in your fridge to remove the decomposing meat odors. It will work at room temperature or with the fridge or freezer running.


    KATHY: How do I remove a bad crab smell from my portable fridge freezer?

    ANSWER: I would recommend using SMELLEZE Reusable Fridge Odor Control Pouch. Just place it in your portable freezer and it will eliminate the bad crab odor. In the future you can also reuse it to prevent other seafood and food odors. The product can last for years and is 100% safe to use around food.


    JOE: What is the best professional remedy to eliminate a fish odor in my refrigerator? This odor was due to the following: My wife put a frozen zip lock bag of fish in the fridge to thaw. However, we think it may have had a hole in it and leaked out onto the shelf as it thawed. The frig smells awful as well as the kitchen and adjacent family room. Will charcoal eliminate the odor? It has become a real annoyance. Your recommendations please.

    ANSWER: Fishy odors can be very hard to tolerate. I would recommend placing SMELLEZE Reusable Fridge Odor Killer Pouches in your fridge to get rid of the bad fish smell there. This product will eliminate food based odors including those from rotting fish. You can use SMELLEZE Reusable Food Smell Absorber Pouches to clear the air in your kitchen and family room.


    MARION: I have a rental unit where the refrigerator was turned off for a month before I discovered it. I almost puked when I got a whiff of it! There was meat and fish in the freezer. I can't get the rotten smell out.

    ANSWER: I can only imagine what it smelt like when you entered! This can be a tough problem to tackle but we can help. I would suggest placing SMELLEZE in your fridge and freezer. You can use it at room temperature as well as at cooler temperatures with the freezer and fridge turned on. In fact, often times, it will work faster with the unit turned on and running for a while. This product is engineered to eliminate regular refrigerator odors as well as the smell from decomposing meat, fish and other food items. Simply place in the fridge and keep reusing until it has pulled out and absorbed all the rotten odors.


    KEITH: We had freezer in the basement go bad. Fluid from spoiled meat, shush and shrimp spilled on concrete floor. We have used baking soda which has taken some of the smell away. But the whole house still has a bad rotting stench. What product of yours do you recommend?

    ANSWER: I would recommend using our odor assassin pouches. SMELLEZE is a professional strength odor repellent that can be placed in your freezer as well as in each room that is reeking of spoiled food. You can also place them on your air vents to filter out the whole house air. In addition, you can sprinkle SMELLEZE concrete odor absorbing crystals on the area which was exposed to the fluids to draw out the odors that were absorbed there.


    TRACI: How do I remove odor from my freezer. I have tried baking soda, bleach, vinegar and dawn detergent for weeks with no luck!

    ANSWER: To get the desired deodorization results, you need a professional product like SMELLEZE Reusable Fridge & Freezer Smell Remover. This product is much more effective than home remedies and will do a good job for you in cleaning smells. It is also more cost effective in the long run since it can be reused for years.