SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Smell & Moisture Absorbers for Packaging & Small Items

SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Smell & Moisture Absorbers for Packaging & Small Items
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    • Eradicate all odor & moisture in small spaces
    • Convenient mini size for sensitive product protection
    • Compact & light weight but very powerful
    • Simple to use - tuck in space or with products
    • Made from 100% moso bamboo activated carbon
    • Very safe- Chemical, fragrance & toxin free
    • Eco-Friendly - Reusable & Recyclable
    • Can be easily reactivated in sun and reused
    • Provides protection for areas up to 20 sq. ft.

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    Product Name
    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Smell & Moisture Removers: 6 (2.5" x 3") Pouches/Pack
    Each Pouch Treats 20 sq. ft.   
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    Activated Carbon = Product Odor & Moisture Protection

    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Smell & Moisture Absorbers control nasty odors and damaging hiqh humidity 24/7 using activated carbon, a safe and non-toxic all-natural material derived from sustainable moso bamboo.

    You can tuck the SmellRid® mini pouches neatly and discreetly into little spaces where moisture and corrosion damage needs to be prevented while eliminating bad odors. You can also easily reactivate this long-lasting activated carbon product in the sun and reuse to save.

    Typical applications for SmellRid® include product packaging, gloves, helmets, small pet cages, small drawers and cabinet spaces, small purses and bags, plus as air filters for aquariums and air cleaners.

    Protect Products From Odor & Moisture

    Protecting sensitive products and small enclosed spaces from odor and corrosion damage is so simple with SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Smell & Moisture Absorber Pouches.

    These conveniently sized mini pouches are effective at controlling odor and moisture in product packaging and small places you may have felt were doomed to be stinky or damp - forever. All you need to do is tuck the compact pouches into the offensive space to smell the difference!

    The sustainable activated carbon in each SmellRid® pouch is a highly effective odor and moisture remover. It attracts and traps contaminant molecules within billions of odor and moisture absorbing pores that make up the huge interior surface area of nearly a football field! Yes, it’s actually that big!

    Reactivate & Reuse to Save

    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Smell & Moisture Absorber Pouches come to your rescue with long-lasting action. It’s effective on every sort of nasty odor, without using toxic chemicals or overpowering fragrances. Our 100% natural moso bamboo activated carbon ingredient is completely safe and fully recyclable. Best of all, it's also reusable for years!

    SmellRid® carbon smell removal pouches can be reactivated by putting them in direct sunlight for 1 day. This will restore the activated carbon to its full odor removing effectiveness. Pouches may be reactivated on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the severity of the smell and quantity of moisture being absorbed.

    Recyclable at End of Life

    SmellRid® activated carbon smell and moisture absorbers are also recyclable. Once a pouch finally reaches its end of life, which could take many years of use, you can open it and shake the depleted carbon on your garden soil. It will act as a soil nutrient and help retain soil moisture.


    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Smell & Moisture Absorber Pouches offer you tremendous performance, safety, and ecological benefits making them the perfect solution for reliable odor and moisture protection in small enclosed spaces up to 20 sq. ft.

    • Reusable for Long-lasting Odor Control
    • Removes Odors & Freshens Air
    • No pollutants, toxins or VOCs
    • Protects against moisture corrosion
    • Recyclable

    How to Use SmellRid® Reusable Mini Activated Carbon Smell & Moisture Removers in Small Spaces

    SmellRid® Reusable Mini Activated Carbon Smell & Moisture Removal Pouches are a long-lasting, easy to use, highly effective odor and moisture control solution that is also reusable and recyclable. No matter what little smelly space has odors or moisture, our mini pouches can eradicate them!

    Simply tuck a SmellRid® mini activated carbon pouch in the problem area. It will begin absorbing odors and moisture instantly. SmellRid® pouches never stop working and can be reactivated to ensure years of effective treatment.

    Simple to Use!

    SmellRid® mini activated carbon pouches are very easy to use. Just pop a pouch at the odor, whether packed with a product, tucked in a hockey or football helmet, dropped into a purse or a birdcage, and forget about it - and any offensive odors! Each pouch can protect up to 20 sq. ft. of space or less.

    These activated carbon pouches need no power and are barely noticeable when stashed in little smelly spots that need effective odor and moisture control. Soon that smell is gone and the mini activated carbon pouch can be left in place to offer protection, removed and stored in a zip-top bag, or moved to eliminate another small space odor.

    TIP: For small articles like a helmet or glove, you will get better results if you enclose the article and SmellRid® pouch in a plastic bag or container between uses. This way the pouch will focus 100% on deodorizing the item and not the surrounding area.

    Reactivate & Reuse for Long-Lasting Effectiveness

    The SmellRid® 100% natural activated carbon ingredients are engineered to be reusable, saving you money while providing a long-lasting odor and moisture removal solution.

    To take advantage of this great benefit and reactivate SmellRid®, simply place pouches in direct sunlight for 1 day. They can be reactivated monthly or quarterly for long-term odor and moisture control depending on the level of exposure to contaminants. Reactivation can also be performed weekly to treat severe odors and for speedier results.

    Store & Reuse

    When a pouch is not in use it can be stored in an air tight zip-top bag for extended periods and reactivated in direct sunlight when you need to use it again. SmellRid® activated carbon pouches can give you years of extended service, as long as you do this.

    Recycle to Dispose

    An eco-smart benefit of SmellRid® activated carbon pouches is that they can be recycled after their odor eliminating ability has ended. When this finally happens, the all-natural carbon ingredient can be emptied from the opened pouch onto your garden soil to help in retaining soil moisture and to add organic nutrients.

    NOTE: If a SmellRid® pouch has been used to absorb any hazardous chemicals, it must be disposed of in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

    SmellRid® Mini Typical Applications

    SmellRid® mini pouches can control small space humidity to fight corrosion and mold, as well as absorb and eliminate offensive odors in the following applications:

    • Sports gloves for boxing, hockey, soccer…
    • Sports helmets for football, hockey, boxing…
    • Small pet cages for birds, hamsters, rabbits, reptiles….
    • Ammonia filters for aquariums & fish tanks
    • Small drawers, cabinets & storage containers
    • Purses, toiletry & cosmetic bags & attaché cases
    • Craft supply boxes - glue gun storage
    • Replacement small carbon filter for air purifiers
    • Sensitive products needing protection during storage & transportation

    For larger areas or severe odors, consider the SmellRid® XX-Large Pouches, which cover up to 300 sq. ft., X-Large Pouches, which cover up to 150 sq. ft., and Large Pouches, which cover up to 45 sq. ft. of smelly spaces.

    100% Natural Odor Removal

    SmellRid® contains one natural ingredient: sustainable activated carbon. This is created through our proprietary hi-heat, kiln-dry process in which the moso bamboo is reduced to a particularly porous type of activated carbon that has an interior surface area larger than a football field.

    This gives our activated carbon extraordinary natural adsorption properties to pull moisture, odor-causing chemicals and off-gasses from items in small enclosed spaces and trap vast quantities within its billions of intermolecular pores.

    The Bottom Line

    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Carbon Smell & Moisture Remover Pouches are the perfect odor and moisture removal solution for all your small stinky spaces as well as for product protection during storage and transportation.


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