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Smelleze™ Reusable Chemical Smell Eliminator Deodorizer Pouch

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Smelleze™  Reusable Chemical Smell Eliminator Deodorizer Pouch
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    • The most natural way to eliminate chemical odors
    • Cleans the air for healthier indoor air quality
    • Just place near the odor or next to air vents
    • Non-toxic, reusable, recyclable, natural, odorless
    • 100% safe for people, pets and the planet
    • Reactivates in the sun or a microwave oven
    • Cleans your air 24/7 for years without power
    • For houses, cars, offices, businesses & products
    • Made in USA with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

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    When you order Smelleze™ Reusable Chemical Smell Deodorizer Pouch, you do so at absolutely zero risk. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed warranty. If it fails to perform according to its specifications, it will be replaced immediately or you will be refunded.

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    Smelleze™ Reusable Chemical Smell Deodorizer Pouch: X Large
    Treats 150 Sq. Ft.
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    Smelleze™ Reusable Chemical Smell Eliminator Pouch: XX Large
    Treats 300 Sq. Ft.
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    Smelleze™ Reusable Chemical Smell Deodorizer Pouch: X Large (Case of 40 Units)
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    Eliminate Chemical Odors Permanently at the Source

    Chemical odors are all around us, and many are harmful to our health. They originate from new furniture, paint, cleaning products, building materials, and even air fresheners. Vast arrays of chemical sources not only cause foul odors in our homes, offices and businesses but also negatively affect indoor air quality.

    The Smelleze® Reusable Chemical Smell Eliminator Pouch was formulated to eliminate chemical smells without masking them with fragrance - because covering smells with stronger smells makes it worse and doesn’t solve the problem.

    To use, simply place Smelleze® pouches near the source of the odor, on/near return vents, or in air ducts, and you will smell the difference. Smelleze® pouches clear the air of chemical contaminants at the source making it a perfect solution. If you're going to tackle tough chemical odors, go pro and do it right! This is a win-win outcome for both human health and the environment.

    Smelleze® is the only natural reusable odor eliminator that keeps working, week after week, and month after month, to eliminate harmful chemical smells for years. When it starts to lose its strength, you can just rejuvenate your Smelleze® pouch by placing in direct sunlight for a day or in a microwave oven for 2-3 minutes, and it will be ready to reuse again.

    Don’t let tough chemical smells linger, whether they’re caused by outgassing from a new carpet or cabinet, a cleaner you just started using, or a gasoline spill. Our portable Smelleze® Reusable Chemical Smell Eliminator Pouches neutralize odors permanently at the source so you can breathe easy again. All-natural and proudly made in the USA.

    Anatomy of a Chemical Smell

    Have you ever noticed that pleasant aromas can jog your memory and flood your mind with pleasant memories, while a toxic or chemical smell can make you weak-kneed and sick to your stomach?

    There's a reason for that: it takes higher concentrations of fragrant aromas to be detected by humans, but a noxious or poisonous smell can be detected by your nose in concentrations of less than one part per 380 billion. It's a survival mechanism; nothing says "Stay Away" like a really rotten smell. It's also the reason there's one guy in every crowd who screams, "Come here, this smells really bad. I mean it, you gotta smell this!

    Chemical Smells are Everywhere

    Did you realize that chemicals are released by common materials found in most buildings and from many products? The resulting chemical smells can range from unpleasant and disagreeable to repulsive and deadly. Some common sources of toxic chemical odors are listed below and may be found in your home or business.

    • New furniture, new car, and new products
    • New building materials like particle board, drywall & insulation
    • New carpets, new linoleum, and new vinyl floors
    • Newly built or renovated home, mobile home, and RV
    • Paints, polyurethane, varnishes, and adhesives
    • Cleaning agents, pesticides, and chemical solutions
    • Air fresheners, candles, and scented products
    • Mothballs, formaldehyde, ammonia & other chemicals
    • Perfume, shampoo, deodorant, nail polish, and hair spray
    • Fuels, solvents, oil, and combustion products like smoke
    • Caulks, sealants, and coatings

    These Chemical Odor Remover Pouches Pass the Smell Test

    Smelleze® Reusable Chemical Smell Eliminator Pouches are designed to eliminate hazardous odors naturally, economically, and without masking the odor. Trust our reusable chemical deodorizer pouches to rid your air of unhealthy odors from ammonia, formaldehyde, fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene, mothballs, paint, perfume, polyurethane, solvents, salon chemicals, vinyl, and dozens of other toxic chemicals found in many buildings.

    Whether you use our revolutionary smell remover pouches to destroy chemical odors in your home, office, car or business, Smelleze® has you covered – but never covered-up!

    Easy to Use

    Smelleze® pouches are so easy to use and so effective that you’ll wonder why no one thought of this before. Simply remove the plastic covering and place in areas with chemical odors, adjacent to air vents or inside air ducts, and let the magic begin. See the directions tabs for more details.

    Smelleze® will start working immediately to attract noxious odors like a strong magnet and absorb them like a super sponge. Additionally, they remove underlying toxic chemicals and pollutants at the source that might go undetected by your nose but can nonetheless bring on headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

    Each Smelleze® X-Large Pouch can clean the odors in a 150-square-foot area. For larger spaces, use several pouches or our new Smelleze® XXL Pouch. Don’t forget to remove the source of the chemical smell, and keep the area well ventilated.

    Reusable, Renewable, Recyclable…Remarkable!

    Your all-natural Smelleze® Reusable Chemical Smell Eliminator Pouches can be rejuvenated anytime by placing it in direct sunlight for a day, or heating in a microwave oven for 2-3 minutes and reused over and over again.

    After two or three years, when it starts to lose its odor-removing powers, the pouch contents can be recycled by sprinkling on your lawn or flower bed. Our chemical deodorizer pouches don’t contain any unpronounceable chemicals, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or anything else that depletes ozone from our atmosphere. Good for the environment, even better for your wallet.

    Why Are Smelleze® Chemical Odor Removers So Necessary?

    Indoor air pollution is a very serious and very real problem, and according to the EPA, it's up to 100 times worse than outdoor pollution. How could our homes, offices, businesses, and factories have sunk to such low air quality that it endangers our health? It happens because the many chemical smells that circulate in our homes and offices do exactly that, circulate through ventilation systems which are usually only designed to trap particles only, and linger in the air like a pall.

    Smelleze® comes to the rescue by sucking in chemical odors like a black hole, to clean the air in your home, business, and cars. If you ignore potentially dangerous chemical odors in your home, you may be putting your family's health in jeopardy; if you do nothing about the poor indoor air quality in your business, you could expose your customers and employees to harmful air pollutants. Smelleze® chemical deodorizer pouches have been helping families and businesses for over two decades.

    Smelleze® Can Be Used Anywhere for Any Chemical Odor

    Smelleze® pouches can be used effectively to get rid of chemical smell in any of the following applications. So why keep spending money on store-bought "air-fresheners" that only mask the problem, while their plastic containers will continue to stink up our landfills for the next 350 years?

    • Houses, apartments, condos
    • Mobile homes and RV’s
    • Cars, vans, trucks, boats
    • Offices
    • Warehouses
    • Chemical storage areas
    • Gyms and home workout areas
    • Hotels and motels
    • Auto body/repair shops
    • Chemical plants
    • Computer companies
    • Dry cleaners
    • Food processing areas
    • Funeral homes
    • Locker rooms
    • Factories
    • Nursing homes
    • Veterinarian offices
    • Animal hospitals
    • And anywhere chemical odors linger

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    WIN: We have been removing black mastic from our basement floor. We are using a product called Bean-e-doo. This mastic appears to be comprised of coal tar and a petro product - evidently a common thing for preventing moisture from coming through unsealed concrete slabs in the 1960's. However it doesn't do that... Because the basement floor was never originally sealed, it is difficult to get all the mastic out. It is also under walls which we are removing as well. This is a process, but our biggest challenge is in eliminating the odor, either from the mastic or the bean-e-doo or both - we aren't sure which. Do you have a product that will eliminate this odor?

    ANSWER: Sorry to hear about your odor problem resulting from your current basement renovation. We can help you. Just place or hang Smelleze® Reusable Chemical Smell Deodorizer Pouches in your basement to eliminate the mastic and Bean-e-doo airborne odor during your renovation. Furthermore, you can sprinkle Smelleze® Natural Chemical Smell Deodorizer Granules directly on the floor and other surfaces to draw out the fumes from the mastic and Bean-e-doo before they are released.