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Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules

Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules
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    • Eliminate all odors from chicken coops, runs & yards
    • Remove toxic ammonia & improve air quality
    • Absorb urine & fecal odors plus stinky droppings
    • Easy to use - Just sprinkle granules in runs & coops
    • Non-toxic, safe for your chickens to ingest
    • Ingestion does not negatively affect eggs or meat
    • 100% pure, all-natural ingredients
    • Long lasting control of yard, coop & run smell
    • Promotes a healthy growth environment

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    Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules: 2 lb. Bottle
    Sprinkle in Chicken Coop, Run & Yard   
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    BEST for Chicken Coup Odors
    By (Chillicothe) [8.2.2019]
    I have 5 chickens in a little coup and a run area that I made out of a 10x10 dog pen. To make sure there are no odor issues, I have been using the specialized Smelleze™ Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules. Recommend this product because it really helps with toxic ammonia and absorbs both urine and fecal odor in an eco-friendly, safe manner.
    Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules: 25 lb. Bag
    Sprinkle in Chicken Coop, Run & Yard   
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    Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules: 50 lb. Bag
    Sprinkle in Chicken Coop, Run & Yard   
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    Eliminate Foul Odors in Your Chicken Coops & Runs

    Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules are a safe, thorough, and effective way to eliminate and control the stinky odors from chicken droppings and urine. The challenge of finding a powerful, and natural, odor control solution that is non-toxic to your flock is easily overcome with Smelleze®.

    The powerful Smelleze® granules absorb and neutralize the powerful ammonia smell in your flock's coop, yard, and run along with other stinky malodors. Easy to use, the granules can be simply broadcast by hand or with a seed/fertilizer spreader.

    Completely non-toxic, if your chickens eat the 100% all-natural granules it will simply deodorize their waste before it leaves their body! This two-fold odor control mechanism breaks the odor cycle. Each deodorizing granule molecule works naturally to neutralize ammonia-saturated soil, and aids in reducing fly, parasite and insect populations, for healthier, happier chickens!

    Create a Healthy Living Environment for Your Chickens

    Raising chickens as a hobbyist or as a small business involves a number of varied processes, from ensuring baby chicks stay alive and well to regulating feeds, supplements, and brooding behaviors. Your job, overall, is to create a healthy environment for your chickens to live, thrive, and reproduce in.

    Controlling odors in this special eco-system you have developed is important; not only to improve the air quality around the coop, runs, and yard areas in which your chickens bustle about, but to help control infestations of flies, insects and parasites.

    Smelleze® deodorizing granules perform their efficient odor-eliminating duties at an organic level, destroying the foul odors at the source by absorbing and neutralizing them. As a bonus to the health of your chickens, soil treated with our odor removing granules becomes 'cleaned', eliminating the ammonia-saturation and making it unappealing to harmful insects plus parasites and reducing flies.

    Easy-to-Use—Plus All-Natural Ingredients

    Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules consist of 100% pure, all-natural ingredients that are non-toxic to people, pets, and chickens, and act as an active toxic-neutralizing agent.

    Amazingly, your chickens can ingest our deodorizing granules without any negative effect. In fact, just the opposite! If eaten, the granules do what comes naturally: neutralize odor-causing molecules. This means that your chicken's waste has a head start on being de-odorized.

    Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules are easy to use, no fuss, no mess. Broadcast by hand, use a seed/fertilizer spreader, or for smaller areas, shake directly onto the ground from the Smelleze® ez-application container. Once applied, the granules will immediately begin to absorb odor from existing droppings and ammonia-soaked soil.

    Smell elimination is long lasting and easily extended in chicken high traffic areas by a light re-application. Areas such as nesting boxes, roosts, and watering jugs may require fewer re-applications. The age of your chickens, their activities, and how many chickens are in an area may affect re-application timing.

    Reliable, Safe, & Highly Effective Smell Control

    Smelleze® granules are easily integrated into your chicken care routines and will be highly effective in controlling the smells in every part of your chicken habitat. There should be a noticeable reduction in odor within hours of application, and definitely by the day following the application.

    Clean-up chores should still be approached with proper respirator protections in place, but your nose will have a much-appreciated rest from the strong ammonia odor.

    You can rest easy knowing that Smelleze® Natural Deodorizing Granules are completely safe to use around your flock, and in fact, are contributing to the creation of a beneficial and healthy environment for them. From newborn chicks to pullets and laying hens to posturing roosters, your entire flock will benefit from adding Smelleze® to their daily care.—leaders in eco-smart, all-natural deodorizing products

    Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules are just one of the many eco-smart products that reflect our continuing dedication in developing non-toxic, natural odor solutions that are safe for use around people, pets, the planet—and chickens!

    *Please visit the Directions tab for more information

    Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules — Applications

    Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules are easily integrated into your chicken care routines and will aid in creating a healthy habitat for your entire flock, from baby chicks to your older brooders.

    Each deodorizing granule is comprised of 100% all-natural odor-neutralizing ingredients that instantly absorb chicken-produced odors at a molecular level and eliminates them. Smelleze® also helps control flies, bacteria and decaying material in the soil, creating a healthier environment.

    Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules are safe to use on any surface and in any area where odors need to be controlled and eliminated. Granules are non-toxic and safe for use around your flock, your pets, and your family.

    Potential application areas include:

    • Coops (feeding, watering areas)
    • Bedding
    • Nesting boxes
    • Roosts
    • Runs & enclosed range areas
    • Free range areas
    • Hatchling pens/boxes
    • Shipping containers

    Steps for Use in Chicken Odor Control

    Carefully read the instructions and information on the Smelleze® Natural Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granule packaging. The granules may be poured from the container into a seed/fertilizer spreader, shaken from the container through the perforated, re-sealable lid, or broadcast by hand.

    Our proprietary deodorizing granules are designed to capture and absorb odors plus neutralize ammonia-saturated soil. Water-soaked granules from rain or watering may lose some odor elimination effectiveness, but will be rejuvenated by sunlight and resume their effectiveness once dry.

    Smelleze® Chicken Coop Smell Deodorizing Granules are non-toxic, non-reactive, and safe to use around people, pets…and chickens!


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    JESSICA: How do I rid the odor that is coming from a neighbor's chicken coop that is situated next to our common side fence?

    ANSWER: Firstly, it would be great if you could persuade your neighbor to sprinkle SMELLEZE Natural Chickedn Coop Deodorizer Granules in the chicken coop to eliminate the odor at the source. If not, you can sprinkle it in your yard in the areas closest to the chicken coop. Secondly, you can place SMELLEZE Reusable Pet Deodorizer Pouches in all rooms in your house to eliminate the indoor airborne chicken coop odor. You can also place the pouches on your return air ducts and inside the ducts to continuously filter the chicken waste odors out.