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SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bag: 24" x 28"

SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bag: 24
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    • Controls & eliminates odors from stored items
    • Activated charcoal lined bag absorbs/blocks odors
    • Ample odor proof storage for the smelliest items
    • Reusable – Reactivates in direct sunlight
    • Convenient to use & reuse in all stinky situations
    • Non-staining, non-toxic odor elimination
    • Safe for use with all fabrics and materials

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    When you purchase the SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bags, you do so at absolutely no risk. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed warranty. If it fails to work or is defective, it will be replaced immediately.

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    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bag: 24" x 28"
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    SmellRid Bag is Effective for Catheter Bag Smell Removal
    By (Bluefield) [7.8.2019]
    I used your SmellRid™ Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bag to store my dad’s catheter bag in as it smelled awful!. Quite impressed with the products as it did control the smell extremely well in a chemical-free way.

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    Effective, Easy-Access Odor Proof Protection

    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bags are made of a sturdy water repelling polyester material. Each Bag has an odor-absorbing lining impregnated with activated charcoal that eliminates any odors outgassing from items stored inside. SmellRid® Odor Proof Bags absorb odors at the molecular level, completely and safely eliminating them.

    For odor blocking protection, items can be confidently stored within the stinkiest external environment without fear of odor contamination. Easily stowed for quick use, each activated charcoal-lined bag offers ample smell-proof storage. Reactivated in direct sunlight, SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bags offer great savings and long-lasting odor control.

    Odor Control When & Where You Need It

    In our busy world, it's impossible to predict when something smelly will happen and our need to control that smell – right now – is critical! These off-the-cuff smelly events are usually related bodily upsets with adults, kids or pets where clothing, footwear, and the immediate area become stink victims. Additional odor offenders are the towels, shirts, blankets – whatever was handy – that was sacrificed in your attempt to contain the smell-producing yuckfest.

    Family excursions can host various odor-producing scenarios ranging from trash that 'cooked' in the car to a diaper bag on the verge of mutating into a new life form. These stinky situations all have odors that need to be controlled or blocked without any fuss or muss.

    SmellRid® Odor Proof Bags - the Storage Solution for Stinky Items

    This is where the convenience and tremendous effectiveness of SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bags can come to your rescue, providing ample odor-proof storage and an instant solution to stowing away those stinky items.

    Made of an activated charcoal-impregnated non-woven material, the lining of each SmellRid® Reusable Odor Proof Bag is designed to release the natural odor absorption capabilities of the activated charcoal. This means that the odors produced by any smelly item stored in a SmellRid® Odor Proof Bag are immediately absorbed and eliminated from the moment they are placed inside.

    Activated Charcoal Stops Scent at the Source

    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bags provide superior odor control due to the natural action of activated charcoal, which bonds with and absorbs odor molecules as they are gassed from stored items. This smell elimination process is on going, even if more odor-saturated items are added to the Bag.

    Controlling odor at the molecular level is what makes SmellRid® Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bags so tremendously effective. Additionally, activated charcoal also has the ability to reduce moisture in the air, which can reduce odor generation inside the Bag.

    Controlling Odors from Without & Within

    Situations arise where we need to control the smell coming from a contaminated item. These odor problems are easily contained and neutralized by popping the items into a SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bag.

    But what about situations where a smelly environment can contaminate items? Fortunately, SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bags are again the perfect solution and can keep clothing or other porous items protected against outside odors.

    Confidently Control Smells While Travelling

    Sometimes the most challenging smell catastrophes happen when we are away from home, but when SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bags are close at hand, you can control odor uh-oh's such as:

    • Soiled Clothes - beachwear, the shirt decorated with fast food, the towel used to clean up the latest bout of car sickness, the tablecloth that became a fish-cleaning station.
    • Dirty Laundry - waiting for the next Laundromat stop? Pop dirty laundry into a SmellRid® Odor Proof Bag to reduce odors and the chance of mildew.
    • Soiled Boots & Shoes - no chance to clean off footwear after stomping through cow pastures or mucking through mud? A SmellRid® Bag keeps the stink locked inside!
    • Travel Treasures - the quick stop to collect seashells or beach debris, the roadside fruit & veggie vendor are just a few potential odor-producing situations.
    • Mixed Messes - confined spaces full of stinky things (fish caught that morning, heavily smoked bar-b-que, bags of potting soil & fertilizer) & the ice cream cake for your party. Protect the yummy of that cake with a SmellRid® Odor Proof Bag!

    Reusable for Long Lasting Odor Control

    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bags are reusable and can be reactivated in direct sunlight to provide you with long-lasting, highly effective odor control. Easily folded into a compact size, SmellRid® Odor Proof Bags can be conveniently stowed in vehicles and boats or with camping gear or other outdoor equipment until needed.

    SmellRid® Reusable Activated Charcoal Odor Proof Bags are just one of the many eco-smart products that adhere to our dedication in developing non-toxic, natural odor solutions that are safe for use around people, pets, and the planet.


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